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The line between content and marketing has become really blurry. It’s nothing new, and you’ve probably heard me say this before. If you haven’t, then just look around you.

Take newspapers as an example. In the ‘olden days’ when everyone still read newspapers, you’d have a news story on one page and a very separate advertisement on the next. Sure, there were some smaller ads sprinkled throughout, but readers could immediately distinguish between ads and news stories.

Then, someone came along and invented the advertorial.

We saw the same thing with television. Once upon a time, there were TV shows and there were ads. Then, someone else came along and invented the infomercial.

Movies? It’s no different. Before the movie, there were ads. After the ads… the movie. They were completely separate things until someone had the bright idea of product placement within the movies themselves.

The line between content and marketing has blurred and so now we have content marketing.

When we talk about content marketing, we’re talking about the content you create with the specific purpose of getting people to take action with you. This action could be opting in for your email list, registering for your webinar, booking in for a strategy session or triage call, etc.

It’s content designed to sell your next step, whatever that next step may be. When you get it right, it’s unbelievably valuable.

For my own business, we’ve taken three huge leaps that have really skyrocketed our income.

The first big leap was back in 2009 when I ran my first webinar. The second was just a few years ago when I ran my first Million Dollar Coach Intensive, selling from my own event. The third leap, which really accelerated everything else we do, was when I decided to develop content marketing material for the Coach Marketing Machine blog.

We started with weekly videos to build authority, and when we got good at it, we experienced unbelievable growth.

As important as I know content marketing is, though, a lot of coaches find it really frustrating for these three reasons.

1. Creating Content Is Hard…

For many of us, creating content is tricky enough. Creating marketing content that actually works is even trickier.

You don’t know what to say or how to say it, so you suffer from the same old writer’s block you’ve faced a thousand times before.

2. People Aren’t Watching…

Even if you do create content and put it out there, people tune out. They’re not watching you because they’re too busy watching something (or someone) else.

Either way, they’re not paying attention to you or your message, and that means you don’t have enough eyeballs on your stuff to make a difference. You create all this content for a tiny audience, and that’s incredibly frustrating.

3. You Get No Traction…

If there are people who actually enjoy reading your content, you can’t see the ROI. People may click the ‘Like’ button again and again, but does that really mean you’re bringing in new leads?

When people are disengaged and don’t take action, you can start to feel like you’re on a hamster wheel — working hard but going nowhere.

It feels like a complete waste of time.

Long ago, I worked with a coach who sent out an email newsletter once a month. He filled it with interesting articles and calls to action, but nobody ever took action… or replied.

Finally, after eight months of this, he sent out an email that said, “If you’re reading this, reply back to me and I’ll give you $50. Just let me know that there’s somebody out there.”

He was so frustrated with going to all the effort of creating content but getting nothing back for it.

The Good News

If you’re experiencing this same frustration, here’s some good news.

Over the next several blog posts, we’ll take a look at how to get your content marketing just right.

Instead of it getting stuck and not knowing what to write about, great ideas will come to you pre-planned. Then, you’ll just need to do what it says.

Instead of people tuning out and disengaging, you’ll create addicts — people that can’t wait to read your articles, watch your videos, or listen to your podcast. You’ll create content that gets people hooked on you, on your value, and on your material.

Once they’re addicted to consuming it, your prospects will register for programs, sign up for your strategy sessions and coaching, and buy tickets to your events. They’ll take serious action with you.


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