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Have you ever experienced this?

You need a new car, so you look at your options, do some research, and pick out what you want. Then you start to see that car everywhere you go? It’s like thousands of cars just like the one you want suddenly appear on the streets the moment you make up your mind.

It’s crazy, right?

Well, there’s a common sales mistake I see everywhere, and once you know about it, you’ll start seeing it everywhere too — especially on Facebook.

The mistake is when someone jumps too far ahead in their advertising and tries to sell the end step instead of the next step.

In his book, Sales Process Engineering, Justin Roff-Marsh says that every step in your sales process should only attempt to sell what it has a reasonable chance of selling.

That may sound really obvious, but I see far too many coaches who are basically saying, “Hey! Here’s my Facebook ad. Now go buy my big, fat, expensive product!”

They’re trying to sell the end step instead of the next step.

In the last two posts, we’ve talked about several keys to running a killer Facebook ad campaign for a program, product, or live event. First, we talked about pinpointing your prospect. Then we discussed the importance of using a lead magnet to attract the people you want and repel the people you don’t want.

Now we need to put those keys together in a Facebook ad.

Convert The Click

One of the most important principles of marketing is figuring out the ideal number of steps needed in a sales process.

For example, I used to work with a bunch of action coaches whose sales processes were 10 to 13 steps. After we broke it down, it turns out they only needed three or four steps.

I’ve also seen coaches use one step. In these cases, they’re forced to sell too hard in their ads, which resulted in almost no clicks or sales.

Before you ever run your Facebook ad, you need to determine how many steps you need to make the sale. Then you can use your ad to get your prospects to take that next step with you.

Mind the Role of the Ad

Too many coaches misunderstand the actual role of a Facebook ad. They think the role of the ad is to make the sale or capture a lead, but they’re wrong. It’s much simpler than that.

The real role of the ad to get someone to click it — that’s the next step we’re talking about.

When coaches think the role of the ad is to make a sale, they push hard and fast because they believe the worst-case scenario is when a prospect doesn’t click on their ad. That’s not the worst-scenario, though.

The worst-case scenario is when people click the tiny ‘X’ next to your ad. This is terrible for two reasons.

First, when someone clicks the ‘X’ it means they’ll never see an ad from you again. Even if that person is your ideal target and you put out 100 more ads aimed right at them, they’ll never see your ads in their news feed again.

Second (and more important), after a certain amount of people click the ‘X’ next to your ad, Facebook can shut down your entire ad account. So, this definitely isn’t something to take lightly.

When your ad shows up in someone’s Facebook news feed, you have to realize you’re entering their online ‘real estate’. Most of the time, people click the ‘X’ because they feel like they’re being sold something too hard on their own doorstep, which comes from coaches misunderstanding the role of the ad.

Once again, the role of the ad is to get someone to click it, not to make the final sale. (If I sound redundant here, then good — maybe it will stick!)

The mechanisms you use to get the click will definitely help you qualify your prospect, but you need to avoid jumping too far ahead in the game. Don’t try to sell your event/program/product in a single ad.

Instead, you just want people to take that first step with you — clicking the ad — to get them started in the sales process you’ve constructed.

Remember: sell the next step, not the end step.

What are your takeaways? Share them below. Leave a comment.


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