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By now, you must know how important a lead magnet is for your business. It entices new prospects, builds brand awareness, and gives you a new email address for your list.

Here’s the typical process. First, a prospect clicks on the lead magnet offer you’ve placed in a blog post, website, email, or Facebook ad. Then they’re sent to a landing page where they can give their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, usually in PDF form.

This is the crucial point where most coaches slip up.

Once a prospect enters their email address, most coaches either make the magnet available for download or immediately send it to their email. That’s great, but what do they do next? Most likely, they’ll download it to their hard drive, save it for later, and move on with their day.

We should definitely give them what they ask for, but if that’s all we do, we’re squandering an incredible opportunity.

Instead, after they give us their email address, we want to send them to what I believe is the most underutilized piece of web real estate that exists on the planet — the Thank-You page.

Strike While The Iron’s Hot

No matter how good you are, there will always be prospects who say ‘No’ to whatever you offer them — no matter what the offer is.

But there will also be cold prospects who’ve never heard of you but are interested in what you have to say; warm prospects who know about you but aren’t fully committed to moving forward with you; and hot prospects who are ready to take action with you right now.

You need to realize that the prospects that see your Thank-You page are either cold, warm, or hot, and they’ve already made two really important micro-commitments to you.

They clicked on your lead magnet offer in your blog post, website, or Facebook ad. Your prospect’s Facebook news feed, for example, is polluted with ads, but they stopped scrolling, read your ad, and clicked on it. That’s a big deal!

Then when they came to your landing page, they entrusted you with their name and email address, which is another huge step when trust is at an all-time low in our online world.

When they make it to your landing page, the iron is hot! The worst thing you can do at this point is to let it cool by saying, “Thanks, here’s your free thing I promised you. Talk to you later.”

Instead, you need to strike while the iron is hot by giving them the opportunity to sign up for your coaching program, product, or upcoming live event.

Your hot prospects will eat this up. They’re in the fast lane and they’re ready to move forward with you. Give them that opportunity.

If someone is warm or cold at this stage, that’s completely fine. They may not bite on your Thank-You page offer, but don’t worry. Remember, you’ve just given them a lead magnet in exchange for their email address. You can still nurture these prospects through email.

Don’t miss the next post where we’ll look at the essential elements you should include on your Thank-You page to convert hot prospects into clients.

What does your web page look like? I’d love to know about it. Leave a comment below!


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