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Why Coaches Fail To Write Compelling Marketing Content

The story goes that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were sitting in bed one day and Yoko said, “John, I really wish I had a pool.”

His response was, “Okay, I’ll write us one.”

He then wrote a song, performed it, and sold a ton of records, making plenty enough money to have a pool put in. John Lennon knew how important a few words written for the right audience could be.

You have the opportunity to write yourself a pool.

The 4 Components of a High-Converting Lead Magnet

My very first lead magnet was called “The 10×10 Marketing System”. It was a stout, 47 pages long and took forever to write. In fact, it was taking so long that I sent out the email to make it available before it was ever finished.

Out of the 584 people I sent it to, 246 asked for it within 13 hours. Needless to say, we had to scramble like mad men to finish writing it!

That was years and years ago,

How To Keep Your Best Prospects From Slipping Through Holes In Your Marketing

Marketing is compared to fishing a lot. At the risk of overusing the analogy, I think I can milk it for a little more. We don’t want to catch one fish at a time with a rod. We want to catch a bunch of fish at once, so we use a net.

Here’s the mistake we make. We try to market as broad as we can. We think that the broader our reach is, the more people we can attract.

3 Warning Signs You’re Not Targeting The Right Clients

To get the ideal client, you need to target the ideal client.

But, you can’t target the ideal client unless you hone in on exactly who that is.

So who’s your ideal client – your avatar? Who’s the one person you want to talk to?

If you’re not 100 percent sure, you’re not alone. Many coaches, especially new coaches, struggle to identify the exact person or business to target. But, just because a problem’s common doesn’t mean it’s not costly.

How To Think Like Your Prospects To Close More Sales

I knew a coach, Steve who constantly struggled to get results from his networking group. Every time he’d get up to do his talk, he’d ask people to look out for one specific thing. The term he used to describe this thing was referrals. Who has a really clear picture of what the word, referral, looks like? Nobody! Because it’s fuzzy and too broad. But what if Steve said something like this? This week, I’m looking for a specific guy called Overworked Bob.

Setting News Traps

In this blog post, I will teach you what to do if you don’t know what video you are going to make. Specifically, how to know what content to create that your audience will love.

Are you having a good time so far? Have you got more than your two hundred dollars worth of value? At some point in the future should come. Alright, so this is a shameless blog, where we are just talking about how to know what to talk about.

Webinar Marketing: Map Out Marketing to Max Out Attendance

Preparing for a successful webinar isn’t just compiling the right stats and piecing together a slideshow.

Sure, those things are important, but the REAL challenge is getting prospects to register and attend.

If nobody signs up or shows up, your webinar is useless at turning prospects into clients.

Your marketing campaign must be a priority. I can quickly tell if it’s not because the campaign is always disorganized, behind on schedule and doesn’t convert prospects.

What Is The Best Marketing Channel For Your Webinar?

Webinars are unbelievably effective tools for marketing, selling, and delivering your coaching services. As great as they are though, they come with their own challenges. In addition to all the research and preparation that goes into pulling off a successful webinar, you MUST promote it.

You might give the greatest webinar of all time, but without the right marketing, two things suffer:

— You won’t have enough people register.
— You won’t have enough people attend.

Intensify Intrigue Leading Up To Your Webinar

The first goal when promoting a webinar is getting prospects to register. And, while the right marketing plan can boost your registrations, it shouldn’t end there.

Sadly, for most coaches, that’s exactly where it ends. Even if people register, there’s no guarantee they’ll show up. Without attendance, how do you expect to convert prospects into clients?

Every coach wants to boost attendance, but you can’t afford to focus solely on the raw number of people that attend.

The S.A.G.E Magnet Builder

I want to show you how to create the perfect lead magnet. The 4 Elements of every perfect lead magnet using something that we call “The SAGE Magnet Builder”.

The S.A.G.E

I’ve been thinking a little bit since the Traffic Intensive with Black Belt a couple of weeks ago in LA and in Sydney about designing the perfect lead magnet. The truth is, that there are lots and lots of different ways to create the perfect bait piece;