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My very first lead magnet was called “The 10×10 Marketing System”. It was a stout, 47 pages long and took forever to write. In fact, it was taking so long that I sent out the email to make it available before it was ever finished.

Out of the 584 people I sent it to, 246 asked for it within 13 hours. Needless to say, we had to scramble like mad men to finish writing it!

That was years and years ago, and thankfully we’ve come a long way since then.

Dozens of lead magnets later, I’ve discovered that the best lead magnets share the same four qualities. In this post, I’m going to show you exactly what those are.

SAGE – The 4 Qualities of a Successful Lead Magnet

S – Short

Your lead magnet should be short. My first 47-page lead magnet failed miserably at this! When your lead magnet is short, it does two things.

  1. It’s easy for them to consume.
  2. It’s easy for you to create.

This is a win-win for you and your prospects.

On the flip-side, when your lead magnet’s long:

  1. They don’t read it.
  2. You may never finish writing it.

A – Actionable

Your lead magnet must be actionable. You could use a step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank worksheet, or any kind of exercise that get your prospect making progress NOW.

When it’s actionable, it’s useful. By providing prospects with utility in your lead magnet, you help them get results.

G – Goal-oriented

Think of the end result people want from you and your coaching program. This could be to sell more houses, get more clients, double their financial planning business, etc. Keep that goal in mind when creating your lead magnet.

Now, think of the very first step it takes to achieve that result.

You don’t give away your entire system, but your lead magnet should give them a taste. Instead of brief overview of all of the steps, go deep into that first step of your program.

If you build it around that first step, it puts them closer getting to the end result they’re after. They’ll be hungry for the next steps, and that’s the point of a lead magnet.


E – Easy

Finally, your lead magnet should be easy. And to be perfectly clear, by ‘easy’ I mean easy enough for a beginner.

Your prospects aren’t experts like you. Your content should be easy for them to understand. The actionable first step should be easy enough to complete without their head exploding.

Why Does SAGE Work?

When your lead magnet is short and actionable, it creates momentum.

When it’s short and goal-oriented, it gets people excited.

If it’s actionable and easy enough for a beginner, it helps them make progress.

When it’s goal-oriented and easy, it gives them confidence. They’ll have confidence that they can follow your system, confidence in you as a teacher, and confidence that your next steps will work for them as well.


Instead of creating a lead magnet with an overview of your coaching steps, do this…


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