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I was out for dinner in Hollywood with a mate of mine called JVD — Jeffrey Van Dyke. Legend. Best ‘find your niche’ guy I’ve ever met.

We were talking about videos and emails amongst other things and we both agreed on something that there’s really two sides of yourself that you want to show in your marketing whether it’s email, video, or podcast; if that’s your thing.


There’s a lot of videos a that say —maybe I’m overstating it, but professional.

It’s me teaching content —my business to your business, and things —when you’re doing professional stuff. Right?

There’s professional.



The personal is you sharing the more human side of you.

In our videos, we have super polished videos which looked gorgeous, shot on a beautiful DSLR with B-roll, and straight to the camera, and they look amazing.

There’s personal, which is grabbing your phone like what I do with my Facebook Lives; while somebody’s kid melts down in the background, and just share.


Here’s the thing…

When I started sharing the personal side of me, I had a guy messaged me going, “Hey Taki, I always knew you’re a smart guy. But now I know you’re a good guy.

And I don’t know which side of you that you share most.

Most of the coaches I know are putting their game face on and sharing all of the smart —professional polished stuff, but I just want you to balance the two.

If you’re good at the personal, share some professional.

If you’re good at the personal, share some personal.

Think about yourself as a superhero character.

Every superhero has an origin story…

How did you become the person that you are right now?

What are the some of the core pieces?

You’ve probably got a goal or a nemesis or a lair — you have battles and have lessons —share that stuff as well as just you teaching business content.

There needs to be some air vent flow to your stuff.

If it’s all teach all the time, then it gets a bit boring. It’s like you’re the band who’s only got 1 song. You need to be able to mix it up a little bit. That’ll keep people engaged. That’ll build know-like-trust way faster. 

Hopefully, that’s a little bit helpful. Balance your personal and your professional.

I don’t know which one you’re best at right now, but mix it up.

Do a little bit of the other. Cool?

Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon.

Taki Moore, out.


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