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One of the mistakes we often make is we go to extremes. We either go all business and neglect family, or we make excuses like, “Oh, I can’t run my business. I can’t grow a business. I can’t really focus on my business because I’ve got a family.” And those are just silly decisions.

Don’t be an ‘or’ person. Be a ‘both’ person.

Your family could be the reason why you can’t do stuff, or frankly, it could be the reason why you do.

I think it’s way healthier and smarter to make family the reason why you do this stuff.

How do you balance it?

Well, dude, I don’t think we’ve got all of the answers, but the short version is as much as we can, we blend them together.

I think the idea that life is this perfectly sliced up little box where you have —family’s here, then health there, but life doesn’t come in neat little cubes.

I think everything touches everything; at least that’s how we run it. And so, most of the time when we travel for work, our kids are here.

And when we’re traveling around the world nomad-ing, we’re doing work in the evenings. We blend, I suppose, is probably more than we separate.

Definitely, there’s times when we’re on 100%, and there’s times when we’re off 100%. And that’s really important as well.

But I think the separation of family and business is crazy. Like, business is part of who you are, and family’s part of who you are. So, blend them together.

I don’t know that we’ve got it dialed, but here’s a couple of things. Like, when we run workshops, usually, kids are traveling with us and they’re halfway through a teaching piece when clients are doing an activity — working on stuff.

My kids will come up to the front of the room, my two girls will come to the front of the room and they’ll grab my flipchart markers and my flipchart so they’re drawing rainbows and unicorns and butts and poop and stuff like that. I think it’s amazing. It’s cool.

And I think more than anything —like, Blackbelt, tactically, we teach people marketing and sales and leverage and how to move to 1:many. But really, what we do, is we give people permission to do it —your way.

We do most of our stuff barefoot. And so, I think if you’ve been waiting permission to do stuff because of family, dude, I totally get it. But let’s not make family an excuse anymore, let’s do both.

Like, the little girl on the tacos ad, “Por que no los dos?”

”Why don’t we do both?”

That’s what we’re going to do. Cool?

Bring them with you. Blend them as much as you can. And then when there are times to be on, be on in both. Right?

It’s really sad to leave them and I’m so excited this morning to wake up and give them all heaps of cuddles, but they’ve had a great time playing with their friends. And so, I think just be purposeful is really what this is about.

Blend as much as you can, but be deliberate —if you got to blend, blend on purpose; if you’re going to separate, separate on purpose.

What you shouldn’t do is ignore one at the expense of the other, and you shouldn’t do it by default. Everything ideal is done by design. Cool?

Smash your business, smash your family, blend them both together, split them on purpose when it’s time.

Be amazing. Life is a real gift. Squeeze every drop of juice you can out of it, hey?

This is Taki Moore, out.


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