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I just saw a post in my Facebook group, The Dojo, that’s got me a little bit riled — not because it hurts me at all because frankly, it could hurt you.

Let me share with you the question I asked, the response I got, and how — I think— it could hurt.

A simple question we asked, “What’s the biggest hurdle to become a million dollar coach?”

And a bunch of people asking really good things, and then a nice guy called Thomas — by the way, let me be super, super clear, I’m not upset at Thomas at all. I totally don’t blame Thomas. I think he’s mistaken here, but I also know that he’s really well-meaning and he’s trying to protect himself and others from being hurt; which I totally get.

“I love the sentiment here. However, there are not the amount of people willing to pay high-dollar coaches that folks who sell services to coaches…”

People like me.

Claim they are the only people making money than individuals who are selling services to coaches, wise up, folks. Ridiculous claims by these guys. Luckily, I know a couple of them personally and they shared with me a while back. It’s starting to come to an end now. People are wising up.”

Right. Here’s the deal. I don’t know Thomas at all. I imagine he’s a great dude, and he’s speaking out of his experience which I totally get — I totally respect. I love that he’s willing to have the conversation.

What I don’t love is that he’s telling people to wise up, that it’s just not doable, and that the only people making money in the coaching world are people selling stuff to coaches is just a 1000% untrue.

There are two things that I don’t like about this.

Number one, it’s just plain wrong and I’m going to show you some examples of how wrong it is in just a second.

It’s wrong but I don’t mind someone being wrong. What I do mind is that what he just said doesn’t just affect him, but it hurts your chances of growing your coaching business.

I don’t know whether a million dollars a year is even your goal or not, to be honest. But I do know that if we buy into the stuff that he’s saying as if it’s fact, it hurts a whole bunch of other people’s chances of ever getting to $200,000 a year, $1,000,000 a year, $1,000,000 a year and beyond because he’s just saying it’s bullshit and saying that there are people like me who are making money when clients aren’t.

Our business, just to be super clear, my business is called Million Dollar Coach, and it’s got nothing to do with my income.

Million Dollar Coach is the promise that I’ve got for clients. It’s the result that my work is designed to create. So, Million Dollar Coach isn’t — I don’t care about my income as much as I care about yours and my clients’.

So, I said, “Really, Thomas? There aren’t people willing to pay for high-ticket coaches? Here’s one from yesterday.

Image may contain: text

This is from Rachel, a client of ours. It was from a few days ago. I found it yesterday, but it had been posted a couple of days ago.

So, $100,000 a month, significantly over the million dollars a year mark. And she’s not selling get-rich-quick to coaches. Right?

And another…

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Number two, another coach in the corporate space. Personally closed $40,000 of business this week. Team closed $120,000 worth of business this week.

These guys do between two and $2.7 million dollars a year. Again, teaching communication skills.

There are so many people willing to pay high-ticket. To not see it, it’s completely okay. But to tell people that it’s not true or possible is just plain wrong and it’s harmful.

There’s another one from yesterday. $200,000 week…

This is the guy whose business partners shut down his business five weeks ago literally locked him out of his e-mail, cut off his access to everything, forbade him from e-mailing, to marketing to his old database, and literally removed every single one of his clients.

His income went from good to literally zero five weeks ago. $200,000 a week. Two weeks to go through record month. This is a five-week turnaround.

Here’s what I know about Thomas. I know he means well. He just doesn’t want to see people get hurt which I love. But let’s not let fear of people getting hurt rob them from seeing what’s possible and getting there themselves. 

In a bunch of different spaces, people are doing extraordinary things.

Instead of putting your focus on protecting people, why don’t you put your focus on expanding our own sense of what’s possible?

I just think the world we’re in is extraordinary, the possibilities are amazing. Let me just give you three quickies on how to.

For you to achieve a million dollars a year, there are three things that we need to do.

If you want to scale up your coaching business —that’s what we were talking about— which is to help more people, have more fun, make more money, that’s the game.


Tweak your model

The first thing you need to do is tweak the way your model works. If you’re going to get to a million dollars a year, there is almost certainly no way you’re going to get there doing 1:1 sessions unless your price is super high.

And if that’s the case, then there’s a really good chance that even getting close, you’ll burn out.

The way most of us are taught to coach means we do 1:1 sessions for an hour at a time every week. That’s just not sustainable, not scalable. Right? The first thing that we’ll probably need to tweak is model.


Refine your sales process

Number two, the second thing that we’ll probably need to tweak is sales process. And so, all of the people I showed you screenshots of a moment ago are selling — in a really interesting way.

The rule is that in public, we only ever give. So, the marketing’s going to be generous useful content, valuable. And then any sale is going to happen offline in a private conversation either via Messenger or e-mail, or in chat, or LinkedIn message.

Two of the screenshots I’ve just shared were probably generated with LinkedIn, and one of them is generated from Facebook. Either way, it’s completely fine. But in terms of the sales process, we need to switch from trying to impress people and be liked.

We’re trying to assess are we a good fit or not.

Imagine you’ve got a light switch. A light switch which is either on or off. You don’t have to hard sell anything, dude. We’re either a great match or we’re not.

If we’re not a match, there’s nothing we can do that’s going to change that. Obviously, we won’t work together.

And if we are a good match, of course, we’ll work together because it just makes sense.


Shift the way you market

How do most people market? Well, they brag. Well, actually, most coaches don’t market, to be honest, And then you see a bunch of young dudes posing in front of their rented Lamborghinis. That’s just bull crap.

Here’s the thing…

The secret to marketing that gets you to a million dollars a year is to give in public. And only ever ask someone to work with you in private. That’s how we do this stuff.

I really appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight and to talk about what’s really possible and what’s really going on and what real people are doing. No hard feelings at all. I know Thomas meant it with good intent. I know just from the languaging, he just doesn’t want people to get hurt. And he has seen a bunch of sharks. And there’s a ton of sharks in the industry, I 1000% get that.

This is not what I’m talking about.

Our business is called Million Dollar Coach, not because of me and my income but because of you and yours that in my whole operation is built around.

Coaches who are already doing $10,000 or more to a million dollars a year. That’s exactly what we do.

Let me just end this by saying if you’re already doing $10K a month or more, then we might be able to. And I think ‘might’ is probably —we might be able to help you.

I don’t want to promise anything because I don’t know you or your situation at all. But we might be able to help you grow.

If that’s the case, then I’m just going to pop a link right now:

What that’ll let you do is book in a 1:1 scale session with either me or my scale specialist Vanessa.

And in that session, we’re going to do three or four key things:

  1. We’ll have a look at your current situation — what’s working, what’s not, what you’ve got to work with.
  2. We’ll identify the biggest challenges that you’ve got in your coaching business right now — the one or two or three things which is stopping you from scaling.
  3. We’ll map out a really simple three-part plan — have a look at your model, have a look at your sales process, have a look at your marketing, work out what needs to get done to get you to a million dollars a year.

Why would we do the session for free?

It’s really simple. We know that every time we do sessions like people, there’s a percentage of you will go, “Dude, what a great plan. I’d really love your help with implementation.”

In which case, happy to talk about you and us working together to help you get there, implement the plan. But if that’s not the case, if you just want to take the plan and run it solo, 100% fine as well.

The only way to get the scale plan is to book in your scale session with me or Vanessa, my scale specialist. is where to go.

I’ve probably been loud enough in this coffee now. But listen, I just want to say, don’t limit your growth or anyone else’s growth just because you haven’t seen what’s possible.

I don’t know a single other industry in the world where you can have more fun, help more people, make more money than coaching.

You’re in exactly the right place. Stick at this thing. And if you’re current process hasn’t got you there yet, then, this will show you exactly how. Okay?

Big love from me.

This is Taki Moore, wishing you more money, and more meaning, and more freedom. Out.


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