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Compare the way you manage your time to where you sit in a car.

You might be in the driver’s seat — calling the shots, steering the car where you want to go, and accelerating and braking when you want to.

Or, you might be in the passenger’s seat — complaining about how you aren’t going where you’d like and passively waiting for change.

You might even be locked in the boot (trunk) — kicking and screaming, bound and gagged, and being driven around by a madman towards a destination you don’t like.

In the last post, we talked about freeing one extra workday each week. Instead of being overwhelmed with to-do’s and falling behind, we can gain a sense of altitude and make real progress while taking stuff off our plates. This all starts with taking control of your time.

If you think about your time this year so far, which position have you been in? Have you been in the driver’s seat, passenger’s seat, or locked away in the back?

Maybe you’ve even been chasing after the car on foot.

Control Your Calendar

When it comes to your calendar, the question isn’t, “Will my calendar fill up?”

Of course, your calendar will be full! Since you started coaching, you probably haven’t had one week where your calendar wasn’t full of something.

The real question is, “Who will fill my calendar?”

I want it to be in control of your calendar — no more being a passive victim or out of control.

Pre-spend Your Time

When you’re working towards freeing up an extra day each week, my question to you is simple: what are you going to use it on?

You can either free up time and hope that something useful happens, or you can pre-spend the time. In other words, you can decide what will happen in advance.

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with $1000 in cash on your bedside table. There’s a note next to it that reads, “This is for you. Spend it today. Enjoy.”

What would you spend it on?

Clothes? Vacation? The New iPad?

It’s not difficult. We all know what we’d buy with that $1000 if we had to spend it today. In other words, we’ve already pre-spent it.

But, if you had an extra workday, do you know what you’d spend the time doing? Probably not.

We need to decide upfront how we’ll spend our time so that when we have it, we’ll use it wisely. If we don’t, the extra workday will revert right back to how things are now and you’ll go back to being the victim of a ‘busy’ schedule.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.


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