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I want to show you how to write a promotional email that fills any webinar or live event, lightning fast.

First, though, when writing an email to promote a webinar or live event, there are some key problems I see coaches struggle with time and time again.

Can’t Think of Anything Clever….

First, you sit there staring at a blank screen, knowing you have to write something, but you can’t think of anything clever to say.

You need a fresh way to say an old thing, but the right words just don’t come.

For example, you’ve probably promoted the same webinar a bunch of times. You need a new way to promote it, but you can’t think of anything clever that makes it sounds new and exciting. This can be really frustrating, so you run into all kinds of trouble when getting started.

It Doesn’t Flow…

When you finally get something written, it’s usually choppy.

It doesn’t flow. It’s all bumpy and lumpy. It’s a bit like Frankenstein’s monster — there’s a piece here and a piece there, and it doesn’t have that sense of flow we’re shooting for.

You stop and start. Stop and start. Stop. Start.

How frustrating is that?

Never Comes Out Right…

I’m always hearing coaches say, “Well, I’ve written this thing, but I’ve looked at it and I just know it’s not great. It didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but I have to send something out.”

Sending out a promotional email you’re not comfortable with doesn’t really help your confidence when going into the webinar.

When you add these three things together— you can’t think of anything clever to say, it doesn’t flow, and when you look at the finished, it’s not good— the end result is obvious. You end up running a webinar or live event where only a small handful of people show up instead of the massive crowd you really want.

Getting It Right

We’ve got to fix this, because if we get this right, here’s what happens:

Instead of not knowing what to talk about, inspiration comes easy.

The secret to writing fast is to make small decisions instead of big decisions. Sure, looking at the blank screen is hard, but if you only have six tiny boxes to fill, everything’s easier. Inspiration will come fast.

Second, you’ll be able to write this thing in three minutes!

That’s right — it will take only a few minutes to complete. For me, it takes three minutes. For you, it might take five minutes at first, but you’ll trim that time down with a little practice.

Think of it like microwave popcorn. You put it in, press the button, and in a few moments, it’s ready to come out — hot, buttery, and delicious.

Finally, not only will it be ready in three minutes, it will be killer the first time.In the next post, we’ll dive into the principles you’ll need to write a promo email that’s fun, takes almost no time, and comes out usable right away. Instead of struggling to put anyone in your webinar, you’ll get hundreds of signups straight away.

How do you promote your webinars? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below.


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