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Email Marketing Made Easy

If you’ve been overwhelmed or a bit freaked out about keeping in touch with your prospects and writing your next newsletter, let me give you a quick tip that is going to make things a whole lot easier.

So a couple of days ago, I was on a live coaching call with my clients and a coach from Melvin asked me a question about her email newsletter.

Here is the situation: She was writing a monthly newsletter,

Help! My List is Unresponsive.

What’s that I hear you say?

Your database is too small and they don’t respond?

Are they kind of like dead leads?

I hear you.

I got the fix for you.

I’ll tell what to do.

Here’s What To Do About An Unresponsive Coaching List

If your database is too small or the leads aren’t responding or it feels like the list you’ve got is dead.

Diagnostic Vs. Declarative Selling

Most coaches market when they should be selling and sell when they should be marketing.

That’s the mistake. Let’s fix it together.

I’m gonna show you how to increase the results you get from your marketing and your sales.

Okay, so I don’t know how you were taught to sell?

Most coaches I know it’s what some kind of diagnostic sales process. You know you ask a bunch of smart questions to open up the prospects and really dig for the pain.

How To Market a Live Event as a Coach


How often do you email your database? – Weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or what.

What do you send when you actually send these emails out to people?

I want to tell you the biggest mistake that I see coaches make all the time when it comes to marketing an event.
Before you send any event promo whether it’s a webinar or a workshop, there are three things you need to have in place.