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I want to give you the best way to structure a one-to-many leveraged coaching program. It’ll get clients great results, it’ll set you free.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a brand new client, somebody who’s just trying my Black Belt program because she’s looking to scale her service delivery to a much more leveraged model. She’s making a great difference to a few people and wants to take it to the masses and be remunerated for that. She’s doing between 30 and 50K a month on average over the last year, but she’s doing a lot of done-for-you stuff with clients, and so that brought up a conversation about the perfect way to structure a leveraged coaching program.

See, if you think about a continuum, on this side is done-for-you, which is the model she was doing, which is, you, I do it for you, I do it all for you, which is awesome, it’s great for a client because the clients get great results. The downside though is pretty quickly you’re going to run out of time, you know frankly, you’re going to hit your ceiling really fast and it’s unscalable. So they get great results; good for them, not so good for you.

On the other end of the spectrum is the traditional coaching model, which is I ask you a bunch of questions and you figure it out; it’s great for you because it doesn’t take too much of your time, but it’s not as great for clients as we think, because if you’re an expert at something and you coach somebody, there’s a very good chance that they’re not going to get it right first time, in fact in might take weeks for them to get the result that you could’ve gotten in a few minutes, let’s be honest.

The Challenge…

So, here’s the challenge, in the done-for-you model, they get great results but it takes you forever; in the do-it-yourself model, they get okay results, you know, it’s good for you and it’s not so good for them. I reckon the sweet spot is in the middle, it’s a third alternative, it’s not done for you, it does not do it you, it’s done with you, and that’s how I run all of my programs in the black belt, for example. So, it runs like this, instead of I’ll do it all for you and burn out, or you do it all yourself and get bad results, the model is different, it’s called done with you; it’s not I do it or you do it, it’s let’s do it together.

A Done-With-You Model

So, how I want you to structure your program is like this, so it’s you’ll teach them and you’ll give them a template, what does that do? It means they’ll know exactly how to do it and they’ll have a template, so they get results just as good, or almost as good as if it was you doing the work for them, but it keeps you free and it gives them the results you’re after. Does that make sense? That’s our goal, incredible results for them and incredible freedom for you. If you structure your leverage program as done-for-you, you might run into some problems; if you structure your leverage program as do-it-yourself, clients are going to suffer. You want to do a done-with-you model.

Take it as you plan out your new leverage coaching business, make sure you’re in that sweet spot in the middle, done-with-you, trademark Taki Moore 2014, and you’ll do incredibly well.

I have just one question: Are you currently coaching one-on-one or one to many, and if you’re in one-on-one and looking to change, what’s your biggest question about that?

Let’s continue the conversation below. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment.


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