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Imagine you’re running a webinar with the primary goal of selling your coaching program. You give your best presentation for 45 minutes, and when you make your offer…

NOBODY buys into it.

Even more frustrating is that you don’t know why!

You think it must be your closing technique, but what options do you have? You can sell harder and become somebody you’re not comfortable being, or stay where you’re at with zero sales.

It’s a tricky place to be in.

What you really want is to be a high-value coach that people love to buy from. Not pushy or passive, but confident and comfortable. Would that be ideal?

Influence From Within

When I was started coaching, I knew I wanted to sell in the one-to-many format. First, I had to structure my content and learn how to teach. Once I felt comfortable, I learned the basics elements of what makes a good offer.

My sales were decent, but nothing crazy.

The biggest impact came when I realized I could inject influence into my webinar and live event. When I saw how I could use product placement within my own content, my sales and comfort level skyrocketed.

Since then, I’ve spent a ton of time focusing how to make conversion content. This is content that influences your prospects to buy from you. It sells your program so you don’t have to.


Inject Influence

Imagine adding food coloring or dye to a bowl of water. You plainly see it at first, but after several moments, it dissolves. You can’t distinguish the dye from the water, except the water now has a hint of color.

This is how I want you to think about injecting influence into your content. We want our content to be seamlessly and evenly “colored” by the influence we’re adding. We want it to blend so well it’s indistinguishable to our prospects.

This way people are influenced toward buying from us, but they don’t realize it. They’re still getting incredible value from what you’re teaching, but it also leads them to make a buying decision they’re thrilled with.

The Influence Installer Tool

This is the Influence Installer tool, and it makes creating conversion content simple and clear.

The first part focuses on beliefs.

Column #1 answers three main questions.
— What do you want them to believe about you?
— What do you want them to believe about themselves?
— What do you want them to believe about your program?

Column #2 shows what you’ll use to influence people without being too obvious. To do this, you want to embed your influence in a story, demonstration, a tool you can show off, a bonus, or in a question.

Column #3 shows where exactly you’ll place the influence in your webinar or live event.

As an example, a belief I might want to inject about myself is that I get big results fast. In the first column (What do they need to believe about you?), I put I get big results.

To influence others to believe this, I could show the Facebook message I recently received from one of my clients, Robert G. He said that he couldn’t make to the most recent BlackBelt Intensive because his wife was having their 10th child (which is amazing!) but he wanted to check in and give me seven points about what he’s been able to improve upon in the last 90 days of working together.

Since one of Robert’s big improvements was selling a group coaching program, I would tell his story in the part of my webinar on One-To-Many Coaching.

The second part focuses on resistance and works exactly the same way.

In Column #1, list the objections people may have to buy your program, the questions they may have, and the alternatives to buying your program that you need to neutralize.

For example, if the objection was the program costs too much and the alternative was for prospects to do it themselves, I’d add that in the Resistance column.


Then I’d tell a story that had this moral: rich people invest money to save time (which is 100 percent true) and poor people waste time to save money.

In my Installation column, I’d note that this story would be perfect in the part of my webinar when I focus on Automation.

That’s how we inject influence. We identify the beliefs we want to convey and the resistance that prospect may have. Then we decide how we’re going to influence them. Then, we inject it in a particular piece of content in our webinar or live event. It’s simple and comfortable – no hard-selling needed.

Does your content influence your prospects to buy from you? Comment below.


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