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How To Create Webinar Content That Teaches and Sells

When hosting a webinar to generate sales, you probably follow the typical structure. For a one-hour webinar, you’ll spend 10 minutes on your introduction and 15 minutes on your offer and closing remarks at the end.

That gives you 35 minutes to teach valuable content to your prospects. If all goes well, some of those prospects will buy your coaching program.

Coaches often give away their best content. They teach and teach and teach,

How To Inject Influence Into Your Webinar Content So You Don’t Have To Hard-Sell

Imagine you’re running a webinar with the primary goal of selling your coaching program. You give your best presentation for 45 minutes, and when you make your offer…

NOBODY buys into it.

Even more frustrating is that you don’t know why!

You think it must be your closing technique, but what options do you have? You can sell harder and become somebody you’re not comfortable being, or stay where you’re at with zero sales.