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In this video, I want to answer a question I just got from Jada…

And Jada said – I’m paraphrasing, but something like, “How do you enroll people into an existing program – in a way that lets you on-board people evergreen without anyone getting lost; either without their –the new people diluting the group or without them diluting the group because they’re noobs or because they’re behind everybody else.

So, I’m going to answer that today. 

So, Jada’s asked me, “How do you onboard people into an existing coaching group without them getting lost?

It’s actually easier to do that you think when you have the framework for doing it right.

She said, “How do you enroll people into an existing group…” -in other words, how do you bring new clients into a group that’s been going for a little while without 2 big problems happening?

Number 1, without bringing new people into a group that’s set up and then having the kind of the newbies dilute the quality of the group?

And number 2, without the new people feeling –getting lost and behind because they’re joining halfway through?

Launch Model

So, here’s why this matters. Because if you can’t figure this out, you’re left with the launch model.

And the launch model is –like, the big product launches you see. They get a lot of press –frankly, for most coaches, completely overrated. Right?

Because you work your butt off, you’ve got 1 week where your shopping cart is open, and then it’s going to be shut for either the rest of the year -if you’re stupid- or for 3 or 4 months until the very time.

So, here’s the thing. If you had a retail shop and you sold clothes. Right? Or furniture. And you were shut for 364 days a year. Right? And you open for 1 day. It’s completely stupid.

You would never do that in a million years. It’s ridiculous.

So, frankly, if have a business that’s run on just a launch model that you’re open once a year or a couple of times a year, that’s not a business, that’s a promotion.

And you need to be really clear of the difference because you’ve got a lot of eggs in 1 little basket. And frankly, if you get that launch wrong, you’re hosed –you’re done. You’re stuffed.

Evergreen Model

So, instead of the launch model, what all of our clients do -with very few exceptions- is we set up an Evergreen model.

A model where enrollment is open every single day. People can join you all year long just like they can walk into your retail store all year long and buy.

But, there is always a reason to do it now –a reason to take action now. So, that’s the marketing side of things.

But let’s just talk about the delivery – in answer to Jada’s question about, “How do you do it without diluting the group or without getting people kind of left out?” Which -actually, pretty simple.

Modular Curriculum

So, firstly, let’s think about modular curriculum.

If you’re selling a 12-month program, most people will sell –like, an online course. And it’s linear. Right?

So, you start here at week 1. The client has a specific problem. And your program is designed to get them a specific promise. Right?

So, we got problem to promise. And then all we do is over the next few weeks, we walk them through your process for getting them there. And the content is linear. Yes?

So, the process is linear. And so, that’s cool for a short term course.

But if you’re doing something over 12 months, here’s the problem: if they have to have pre-done week 2 or kind of month 2 for month 3 to make sense, then pretty much you’ve either got to enroll everybody at the start of your year-long program. And then your door is shut for the next 11 months which is mental.

Or you’ve got to continue every month or every couple of months –start a new group. I do that. That feels like a lot of hard work. Now, you’re managing not just multiple people, but multiple groups.

So, instead of that, what I like to do with our clients is to build what we call modular curriculum.

So, this is the first part of the answer.

What we want to – instead of having something that goes in a straight line, we want to have something where every module –every unit of your content is standalone. Okay?

So, I’ll just take Black Belt as an example. There are 4 core pillars that a Blackbelt Million Dollar Coach business is built on. Right?

The way we attract, the way we convert, the way we deliver our leverage coaching, and then the systems we’ve put in place to scale.

So, if you think about over a 12-month period, they’re the 4 major building blocks that we need to do. But do they have to be done in a particular order? No.

Everybody’s order is different. Because every coach comes -starts at a different place and finishes at a different place.

So, what we do then is we build out your modular curriculum. And so, under attract, what are our strategies?

Well, firstly, we need to fill our funnel. Secondly, we need to build authority. Then we install automation. So, these are the 3 big projects that million dollar coaches work on. Right? Marketing lives.

On the convert side of things, we learn how to audition clients and sell 1:1. We learn how to sell with webinars. We rock events.

When it comes to delivery, the first thing we did is we decide your business model –something that can scale. We unpack your IP –intellectual property or content. Then we show you how to leverage the coaching.

Part here, we plan the year in advance. We work on productivity. And then we harness the talent of a team.

So, here’s how it works… We have an onramp process which I’ll tell you about in a second. And number 2, each piece of content is built like a modular block so you don’t have to have any pre-knowledge to get value out of this. Makes sense?

So, that’s how somebody can join in part-way through and have it be useful. Right?


The second big piece is what we call the onramp.

And so, if you think about –the second part of the question which was, “How do you make sure that they don’t dilute the group but also they don’t feel lost?

If we think about what are the things that you’d like people to know before they get started?

So, in our world, it goes like this. We have an onramp which is designed just like an onramp on a highway.

It’s designed to get people up to speed quickly. And in the onramp, there are 4 things we do that I want people to have at least some basic work done before they land in a gameplan.

And the gameplan is a 1:1 call done with an expert – 1 of our team that helps people get their coaching business designed well.

This is critically important.

And so, if you want help with..

  • A. designing out your modular curriculum;
  • B. designing out an onramp; or
  • C. just getting enough leads to fill this thing…

You ought to private message me. Send me a PM on Facebook and say, “Hey, I’d like some help with scaling.” Let me help you out. Okay?

We’ll have a quick conversation. If I can help, I’ll let you know straight. If not, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Okay. So, this is our onramp. 4 things that I want every client to have –but they don’t have to have perfect before we start- but there’s some prep work just to get them up to speed with everybody else.

So, actually, let me do this.

Firstly, there’s a welcome box we send out to every client. And in there, there are some special stuff. I can’t tell you what’s in there because it’s a little bit secret. Okay?

The main idea is that there are some goodies in there that help clients get up to speed quickly. And then we’ve got 4 key pieces that we want them to have in place so that when we start our work together, they can really kickoff and join the rest of the group on a level playing field.

1. Avatar

So, number 1 is avatar; target market. We need to know…

  • Who’s the 1 person you’re going to work with?
  • What’s the 1 problem –core problem- you’re here to solve?
  • And what’s the promise we’re going to make them?

So, in our case, people watch each one of these 4 things is like a 10-minute video with a worksheet. Takes them about 20 minutes to do -total. 10 minutes to watch, 10 minutes to do. And that gets people ready for the gameplan.

2. Signature System

Number 2, now, once we know who we’re working with, next we needed to know what are we going to sell. And that’s signature system.

This is the program we’re going to sell, what the offer is, what the content looks like –either the linear online course or the 12-month modules. Right? The 3rd thing. So, we know who we’re working with, what we’re selling, and next, we need the money map which is our funnel. Right? Money map.

3. Money Map

Now, these 3 things are frankly, the basics that every coach needs. So, if you think about that –if you walk into a program and you’ve got your who you’re working with sorted, what we’re going to sell, and how are we going to fill the funnel decided, what do you think that could get in the way?

Like, if you think about you. What’s the only thing that could get in somebody’s way?

Think about you and your business. What’s the 1 thing that would stop you from –like, growing a Black Belt business –that –this is the same for everybody. It’s not leads or marketing. It’s personal. Right? It’s that you’re already busy and you don’t have enough time.

4. Time

And so, the 4th part about our onramp is about your time.

We call it the Extra Workday Advantage™. And literally, in the extra workday advantage, we help people find an extra day a week of time to work on your business. Right?

And people either take it as 1 full kind of 10-hour day –like a whole day carved out -Money Monday or whatever you call it; or 2 half-days, or 5 2-hour blocks.

Now, what happens is we’ve got avatar, signature system, money map, and extra time blocked out.

And now, we’re ready for a 1:1 call with a coach to help get really clear about what are our 12-month outcomes and what are the 3 projects we need to get done in the first 90 days.

When we do that, our people are ready to drop into the modular content like a boss. Does that make sense?

So, hopefully, that helps.

How do you drop people into a program with ongoing enrollment without them falling behind or diluting the group?

Strong onramp and modular content.

Obviously, there are frameworks behind each one of these pieces, but that just gives you a quick high-level overview of how to do it.

If you want some help with this, guys, if you just think like you’re just getting started, or you’re striving and working really hard in your coaching business, or you’re successful and looking for scale, if you want some help with this stuff, send me a private message.

Just say, “Hey, Taki, love to talk to you about growing.” And let me –let’s just have a quick chat on Facebook messenger to see if I can help.

If I can, I’ll let you know straight. If I can’t, I’ll try to point you in the direction of somebody who can. Cool?


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