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What I want to do is I want to show you how to be your BEST on camera. A little trick I learned about 5 years ago that helped me every time I look at the barrel of the camera or the phone and shoot you one of  my own quick vids

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but the internet is fast becoming a video medium. Like YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world and your ability to kinda show up live and present on camera is one way to set yourself apart from everybody else.

I want to give you a little trick right now that really helps. There’s nothing worst than having a camera pointed in front of you even if you’re a talented person, tons of personality, and a lot to say, and then going all wooden. “Hello, it’s Taki Moore here from Million Dollar Coach. And today…” It’s boring!

I don’t need you to show up at a level of a hundred. But I do want you to show up at your very very best. And so there are 2 quick exercises I want you to do.

Who are you at your best?

The first thing is this. I want you to answer the question that I ask my clients. Who are you at your very very best? So when you’re at your very best with your clients doing your thing, what are three words to describe how you are. If you can leave me a comment below and let me know those three words, that’ll be fantastic.

So the first thing I do is I think about who am I when I am at my best and that kinda gets me back in the mood of being at my best for you. That’s the first thing.

Pick A Word

The second thing is to pick a word. I actually learned this from a friend of mine called Joanna Martin. Joey if you’re watching this, thank you so much. You used it from the context of speaking from the stage. To pick a word and just kinda take a moment before you start your talk or before you start your video and just connect with that word. So my word is magic. So I just think about magic and that puts me in a mood of inspiration and a little bit of play to have some fun here with you today.

So there are two tips for getting the most of yourself on camera. You don’t have to be me or anybody else. Just be you at your best. So two things.

Number 1, Who are you at your best? And number 2, Pick a word. A word that describes how you want to show up and the kind of impact you want. And for me the word is magic. A little bit of playful, a little bit inspiring. Hopefully, a little bit of magic comes through each video I do for you.

What are three words to describe you at your very very best? Leave a comment below.


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