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The Most Important Web Page You’re Not Using

By now, you must know how important a lead magnet is for your business. It entices new prospects, builds brand awareness, and gives you a new email address for your list.

Here’s the typical process. First, a prospect clicks on the lead magnet offer you’ve placed in a blog post, website, email, or Facebook ad. Then they’re sent to a landing page where they can give their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, usually in PDF form.

The Most Common Facebook Ad Mistake That’s Costing You Clients

Have you ever experienced this?

You need a new car, so you look at your options, do some research, and pick out what you want. Then you start to see that car everywhere you go? It’s like thousands of cars just like the one you want suddenly appear on the streets the moment you make up your mind.

It’s crazy, right?

Well, there’s a common sales mistake I see everywhere, and once you know about it,

Where Most Coaches Go Wrong in Facebook Advertising

Several months back, we ran a Facebook ad campaign for a two-day workshop I was hosting in Sydney and San Francisco.

As we started planning, we realized we were in a tricky a spot. We only had a few weeks until the event started, so we need to create and run a campaign that filled the event quickly without coming across as too sales-y.

We had to move fast, and because of the tight window of time we were working with,

3 Keys to Pinpoint Your Target Market for Facebook Ads

A lot of people misunderstand what true advertising is. They believe the ad itself is the most important part of every advertising campaign.

The truth is, the perfect ad that’s sent to the wrong audience won’t deliver the results you’re after. To be successful you need to a great ad AND a specific target market. It takes both. A terrible ad sent to the right audience won’t get results either.

I recently ran a two-day workshop in Sydney and San Francisco.

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant, Matrix-style

Can you believe The Matrix was released almost 18 years ago? Most modern high school students weren’t even born when it first came out. Does that make you feel old, too?

In case you haven’t watched it in the past decade, here’s a quick recap of one of my favorite scenes.

Our main character, Neo, is ready to start his training. While flipping through futuristic looking floppy-disks, Tank the operator says to him,

How Often Should You Meet With Your Virtual Assistant?

Hiring a virtual assistant is supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. It’s supposed to free us up from the routine tasks we’re not very good at so we can focus on what’s really important, right?

Too often, though, coaches hire a VA when they’re at their busiest. It makes perfect sense. The moments when we’re drowning in the routine minutia of our business is when we need help the most.

The problem is,

The Very First Task Your Virtual Assistant Should Do For You

When we try to do everything in our business on our own, we end up overworked and exhausted. We spend so much time and energy on the mundane minutia that we rob ourselves of any opportunity to work on strategies that actually move our business forward.

When we’re constantly tired from doing the detail-oriented tasks we’re not naturally good at, the quality of our work tends to pay the price and we end up making stupid mistakes.

Why Your Virtual Assistant is Set Up to Fail

If you already have a virtual assistant, you probably have a decent understanding of what’s possible. The problem is, the possibility doesn’t always equal reality. Many of us get frustrated when our VA isn’t working out exactly as we hoped. I want to help you fix that right now.

But first, if you don’t currently have a virtual assistant, here’s what I know to be true:

You’re working really hard right now.

I’m surprised you even have time to read this blog.

The Easiest Prospect Conversion Tool You’re (Probably) Underusing

What are you currently using to convert prospects into clients?

Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. Coaches typically use either one-on-one sales appointments, live events, or webinars to convert high-quality prospects into high-paying clients. Sometimes, we use a combination of all three.

Personally, I’ve been fortunate enough to have success with all three, but they’re definitely not created equal.

Selling 1:1

Selling with a one-on-one appointment is okay, but it’s often slow and messy.