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Can You (Should You) Work With Your Spouse?

I hope you’re amazingly well.

In today’s blog post entry, I want to answer a question that a bunch of my clients asks, and then at times, I’ve asked too.

And the question is, can you, should you work with your spouse?

Your husband, your wife, your significant other.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Should you work with your spouse?

Can you work with your spouse?

What to Do When It All Goes Sh*T



This has been a crazy week for me.

Huge ups and then what felt like a serious kick in the guts yesterday.

And I’m sharing this because I’m sure you’ve gone through the same.

And I want to talk about what to do.

Yesterday, I was in the middle of it, and today I’m above it.

And above, it’s way better.

How Much Should You Charge for Your Coaching and What Should You Include



Taki here down the beach, part of our morning routine.

The girls are here playing with their crazy little surf toys and I thought I’d answer a question.

I just saw it from a guy called Josh. 

Josh asked a question today calling a bunch of coaches out and asking what do coaches charge for their stuff and what do they deliver.

And so,

Running Breakout Groups in a New Type of Training Webinar



I’m in Brazil right now. It’s kind of windy, and the sun’s going down so there’s a bunch of factors making this not the ideal time to share this video.

But you know what, sometimes you just got to share the video.

In this quick report, I want to give you an update on an experiment we ran last night designed to help our clients get significantly better at a particular skill.

You Never ‘Find’ Time


Hey, I hope you’re doing awesome.

I’ve been up super long, so not at my freshest, but look at this day.

It’s gorgeous. Been thinking a lot lately about morning routines.

It’s something that I’ve heard the importance of, and sort of done more off than on. 

Last night, I read something by a great friend of mine, Alex Charfen, who I’m lucky enough to have as a client as well,

Why ‘objection handling’ is BS

In today’s video, I want to talk about why objection handling is bullcrap, and why you don’t need to worry about adding objection handling skills into your sales training especially if you’re a coach or a consultant.

I know there are lots of different opinions about how to sell stuff.

Yes, there are lots of different trainings around handling objections in different kind of closing techniques that you should have as a coach or a consultant to sell your stuff.

The Imposter Syndrome (What To Do When You Don’t Feel Good Enough)

Just had a great session with a client who’s asked me a question the other day and then inspired me just now to share a little bit about The Imposter Syndrome.

What do you do if you don’t feel good enough or there’s a part of you deep down inside that when no one’s looking, feels like a fraud?

Like, “Who am I to do this? What have I done? Am I good enough?

The 9 Accelerators: How to Scale Your Coaching Business Fast

I want to teach you the model that helps us scale coaching businesses.

I don’t know how much you know about the work that we do, but our job is really simple.

We take coaching businesses and take them from 10K a month —six figures— and help them to get to 1M  a year. And we do it with this model right here:

I’ve got an iPad here I’m going to draw on,

The 5 Simple Numbers to Grow Every Month


In this quick video, I just want to give you a heads up on the five simple numbers you should be tracking and growing —increasing— every single month in your coaching business.

I’m not much of a numbers guy. And so, I want to preference this by saying there are no spreadsheets involved, you don’t have to enter tiny numbers into little cells. I’m not a numbers guy.

But I do believe in tracking stuff that matters.

The 2 Reasons Why People Aren’t Booking Sales Calls With You



In this quick video, I want to share one really, really important strategy that came out in a coaching call.

Yesterday, I tried to share it in a Live. The internet sucks at home, so, I’ve just finished up a webinar with our client, thought I’d share it here in our office with some good WiFi.

So, here’s the thing. I’ve talked to this client, and he’s really good at selling his stuff over the phone.