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This has been a crazy week for me.

Huge ups and then what felt like a serious kick in the guts yesterday.

And I’m sharing this because I’m sure you’ve gone through the same.

And I want to talk about what to do.

Yesterday, I was in the middle of it, and today I’m above it.

And above, it’s way better.

Quick bit of background…

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday, we had Vibal council, our virtual tribal council.

We do it every 90 days.

We work with the team and get them planning and moving.

We set what I think is the most inspiring I’ve ever set as a coach which is to get 50 people to a million dollars a year this year.

And I’m really, really excited about it.

50 people to a million bucks a year and it’s like such a worthy goal.

I’m really pumped and the team is excited about it.

And so, we’ve had two days on a complete high.

And then yesterday, two members asked to cancel and they’re new.

They joined just before Christmas —just as we were taking a break.

They joined and the Facebook group’s quiet.

We’re not around and the game plan was three weeks later.

A bunch of things didn’t go right. We fucked up.

And so, we’ve gone from super excited to two people who had big hopes for us, and we had big hopes for, excited about working with us and we let them down.

They came to us for help and guidance, and we didn’t deliver.

And they’ve both asked to cancel.

I’ll speak with them today and see what I can do to hopefully bring them back or at least make it right.

And if we’re going to stop, we could at least stop well.

But what I wanted to share is kind of the range of emotions which now I see as being options —like, a menu to choose from in terms of how to respond to this stuff.

You find out and you go, “Oh, no.” which is just like shock and disbelief, and then blame.

But of course, we’re away — not blame, but like defensiveness.

It’s like gutted.

I was disappointed, shocked and upset followed by not taking responsibility for a lot of stuff and blaming somebody else is just a great start.

I said, “Well, okay. Well, how about something a little bit more useful?

Firstly, how can we reach out to this person and make it better and fix it?

What do you do when it all goes wrong?


Fix it with the person

Don’t be disappointed or not take responsibility or blame someone else or them.

If something went wrong, that’s a great opportunity to rub your hands together and say, “Oh, goodie. Here’s a chance to apologize, to make things right.


Fix the problem

As soon as you fix it with the person — heroic save as we talked about at Black Belt, then let’s get to work on the problem.

What we’re going to do is a debrief —what worked and what didn’t —and lots of didn’t.


Fix the system

Knowing what we know now, how can we do it better next time?

And then what are the system solutions we can put in place.

Anyway, I want to share this because we do so many things right, but we also —like you, we screw up as well.

How you respond is more important than what happens.

What happens impacts you at the moment how you respond impacts you forever.

Anyway, I hope that is useful for you.

I feel better having shared it.

Taki Moore, out.


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