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Hope you’re doing really well. I’m in New Zealand, I’m in my in-laws’ place.

Just wanted to take a quick moment and share a tool that we use in Black Belt all the time.

It’s called The 3 Timeframes™.

It’s super easy.

It’s just a 1-minute piece of conversation to put at the end of your sales conversation if you want to get clients to commit for a long period of time —say, 12 months or more.

So, it’s really simple…

When you get to the end of a strategy session, hopefully, you’ve spent 45 minutes or so finding out about them and asking a bunch of questions, and not talking about your stuff at all.

But there comes a time when you do need to talk about your stuff.

And so, when you do that, you’ll be using The 6 Magic Pills™ which is how you talk about your offer piece by piece by piece so that people want to find out more about your stuff.

And so, The 6 Magic Pills™ is really a simple way to answer three questions that every prospect has.

And I’ll get to The 3 Timeframes™ piece in just a moment.

The 6 Magic Pills™ answers the questions:

“Why should I work with you?” 

“If we do work together, what would we work on?”

And then, “How does it work?”

Every client needs to know the answers to those questions before they can say Yes and commit. Right?

And so, here’s what we’re going to do…


As we deliver The 6 Magic Pills™, the first thing we’re going to talk about is their core problems — the three big problems and their impact.

And we’re going to check in and then we’re going to say, “So, here’s what you should do…”

We’re going to give them the prescriptions, “Here’s what you need instead… Don’t have time to talk about these today, but if you want to find out more, happy to share a little bit.

So, the Why, we answer “Why you should work with me?” by talking about their three big problems and the three prescriptions that they need instead.


Problems and prescriptions answers “Why should I work with you?” to solve these problems and to implement these prescriptions.

And then we get to the What piece — like, “What would it look like if we work together?

And so, here, we’re going to talk about the outcome of your program.

And one of the mistakes that most coaches make is their program has logistics, but it’s got that outcome.

In other words, we’re going to meet together once a week and talk through this stuff or you’re going to come to our events and jump on our webinars.

We’re really deep on logistics and we’re light on the outcome.

Nobody wants your logistics; it’s the least sexy part of what you do.

And so, instead of majoring logistics, we’re going to major in the outcome.

What’s the result that your program is designed to give?

And so, these two, if you’re talking 1:1, you’re going to tailor that for the individual you’re speaking with.

And if you’re on a webinar or talking from the stage, then obviously, you’ll have your kind of generic go-to problems and prescriptions ready, but you need an outcome.

For Black Belt, I’d say, “The program’s designed to take a six-figure coach and help them get to 1 million dollars a year.”

So, we’re going to do it in a way that dramatically scales up your income, but compresses down your time so there is no loss in free time.

And in fact, you should get next to one or two free days a week to spend as you like. That’s the outcome. Right?

Then what we need is model.

And which is your drawing; your circle, your triangle, your square which explains what are the gear as we work on together.

Those pieces answer the‘What would we work on together?’

We’re going to get this outcome by going through three or four key areas.

You need to have a little piece which says, “Here’s how it works…” and I suggest that you use the plan tools and help framework to explain your stuff — to put things into those categories.

Otherwise, we end up just making this big fat laundry list of all the stuff. Okay?


Now, logistics is not that interesting, but it’s important because it’s a logic check.

They say people buy on emotion and then back it up with logic.

And if you’ll look, these top three are all emotional; problems, prescriptions, outcome, that’s all big-picture stuff.

The bottom three are logical.

And so, people buy the top and they justify the bottom logically.

The last pill is price which is “How does it work?” — the question that everyone asks.

Before I tell price, I say this, “There are only two things we haven’t talked about so far; timing and price.

And I haven’t even thought about timing, but this is really important.

It’s critical that you have people really clear upfront about what your expectations are at them in terms of timing.

We’ve got an incredible client, Mike, whose 1-year coaching program is $35K.

If they commit for two years, it’s $50K; and then at the top is $75K.

This is how we talk about your stuff in a way that gets people engage up top and back stuff logically down the bottom, and we do these piece by piece by piece by piece with a little check in after each one.

At the end of Problems, you’ll check in.

At the end of Prescriptions, you’ll check in.

At the end of Outcome, you’ll check in; et cetera.

Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about The 3 Timeframes™, which fits just in here.

When somebody comes to work with us in Black Belt, there are coaches already doing 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 —$50,000 a month, and our job is to get them to a million dollars a year first and then help them scale.

The program is designed to be a three-year journey, but we start off with the first year. 

Asking somebody you’ve just met to start with three years is a big ask. We start with a year.

And so, I let people know that “I want you to think about three timeframes. It’s going to help make it really easy for us to work together. I want you to think about the first year, first quarter, and first month.

First year, first quarter, and first month are our timeframes.

This is out of role-play right now…

“We’ve just mapped out together out 12-month goals. And if we’ve got some 12-month goals, it makes sense that we’re going to be working together for 12 months or more. Wouldn’t you agree?”


“Great. So, if we do decide to do this together, it’s really important to me that you’re committed to the 12-month journey. At the end of the first year, if you’re still loving it, we’ll roll into year two, year three, year four, so long as you’re happy. But if we’re going to do this, let’s start off with a 12-month commitment. Are you cool with that?”

And so, they’re getting it.

“That’s cool. No worries. So, the first year is about commitment. Then let’s talk about the first quarter. One of the pieces in our logistics that we would’ve just talked about is called The Gameplan™. And in The Gameplan™, we map out what do we need to do in the first 30, 60, 90 days…”

So that they can hit the ground running, get quick wins, and I’d let them know.

I’m really transparent about this.

It’s designed to get you wins, traction, make sure you know you’re in the right direction, and get you return on investment fast so that every cent you spend on Black Belt for the rest of the year is paid for in the first 90 days.

And that’s great for you because of X, Y, Z. But it’s great for me because I want this thing to turn into a profitable addiction and it pays for itself.

So, now you’d be an idiot to ever let you felt— like selfishly, that’s why I do it.

So, if the first year is about commitment, the first quarter is about ROI.

And so, I just say, “So, the gameplan we set upfront is designed to get every cent you’ll spend in Black Belt for the year, to get all of that back in the first 30, or 60, or 90 days, the record is two days — joined on Tuesday, ran first webinar on Thursday, money back; multiple times over, 330 grand. That’s awesome. It’s possible, but it’s not probable; not everyone does it in that timeframe. And for some people, it might take a little bit longer. Maybe it’ll take you four months. And that’s okay. But I want you to come into this knowing that —if one of the questions you’ve got is…

I know, again, I’m objection-handling.

I’m going to make a commitment. How quickly do I get my money back?” is the first question. Right?

And before you can get return on investment, you need return of investment.

So, I just let people know that’s first 30 —or 60, or 90 days.

So, first year is about commitment. First quarter is about ROI. What’s the first month about?

Well, the first month is about risk.

And here’s the risk…

Any time you ask somebody to make a commitment, there’s a risk on their behalf; maybe it works out great, or maybe they get ripped off like they’ve been ripped off many times before, before they start to work with you.

And so, you just want to acknowledge that upfront and say, “Hey, you know what, we’ve known each other for 45 minutes now and you seem like a really good dude, and hopefully to you, I seem like a really good dude.

I’ll go, “But we’re on the outside. We haven’t done this yet. We haven’t ever worked together. And so, everything we’ve said looks really good, but you’ve never —we’ve never worked together. And so, here’s what I want you to know. At the end of the first month, you’ll going to know for sure if I’m the right guy for you or not. And likewise, I’m going to know for sure if you’re the right client for me or not. Wouldn’t you agree? We’ll know in a month.


So, if that’s the case, then I want to take the risk out for both of us. Any time in the first 30 days —first month— that this isn’t going the way you want it to go; if you don’t feel like you’re making great progress, if you’re not loving it, if —frankly, if you think that everything I said here today was complete bullcrap and the program is bogus or you don’t like the way I talk — if every word I’d say, “This isn’t for me”, cancel, refund, walk away as friends. No hard feelings. Likewise, I’ll get a really good read on you in the first month. And if you’re not the right client for us, then I’m going to cancel you, refund you, and we’ll walk away as friends that way.”

Any time you run a program which has workshops or live events involved, it only takes one person in the room to kill your vibe.

And so, it’s better to cut them out early. Right?

So, there’s no risk for either of us to try. At the end of the first month —if anytime in the first month it’s not for either of us, let’s cancel, refund, walk away as friends. After the first month, though, we’re in for the 12 months and beyond. Are you cool with that?

And that’s The 3 Timeframes™. And what that does is it gets the commitment you want, the confidence that they need, and reduces the risk for both of you guys.

This is a really great tool for getting prospects over the line to commit.

The thing that you need to make this work is you need prospects to talk to.

And so, if you want help with that, we’ve got a webinar we’re running called The Million Dollar Plan™ which is all about how to generate the leads you need to get them to this point.

If you’d like to know the info about that, just type “Webinar” below and I’ll get you the details. Love to help.

So, that’s The 3 Timeframes.

If you have any questions for me about marketing, about sales, about clients, about commitment, about any of this or something else, I’m at your service for a couple of minutes.

I’ve got a client I’m about to interview which is why I’m kind of here at the computer right now.

He’s just done $185,000 in his first webinar campaign.

He’s been with us for two months — maybe nine weeks now.

And yes, quite a happy little boy.

And so, we’re going to interview him and find out how he did it.

Hope this has helped.

The 3 Timeframes™, your really useful tool for getting people to making it safe for them to spend.

You get the commitment you want, the confidence that they need, and reduce the risk so it’s easy for them to say, “Yes.”

If you want to know more about the case study program, just type in CASE STUDY in the comment section, and I’ll get you the info about our case study group.

There’s a new group starting in about 10 days’ time —a week and a half— and I’ll get you the information.

If you could just type that in, I’ll hook you up with the deets.

It has been super fun hanging out today. Take good care.

I’m off to interview Danny who’s absolutely crushing it right now.

His goal from a standing start at zero in his coaching, his goal is to hit two million bucks a year in his first 12 months with us. So, we’re going to have a good time. Cool?

Alright, take good care. It’s been really fun.

Taki Moore, out.



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