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In today’s #askTaki, I’ve got a question from Howard.

Howard says, “My weekly coaching calls have been going really long. 2+ hours. How can I make them shorter and punchier? I’m getting through six to seven questions in that time plus the intro. Any ideas?

I’m going to give you 3 ideas right now.


What I mean by that is the way you frame it is going to make a big, big difference. 

Ask them to type their questions into the chat box your in such a way that it’s clear and obvious to you exactly what their question is by giving you options A & B:

“I want to get registrations on my webinar. Should I A, run Facebook ads; or B, e-mail my list?”

That makes much easier for you to know exactly what the real problem is even before you unmute somebody and start chatting. The way you frame it is going to be really helpful.

Make sure that people know that their question is known to be answered in a short timeframe.

If it becomes an issue, I think it’s completely okay to do one of these:

“Great. Bob, really looking forward to helping out. Let’s put 5 minutes on the clock and see what we can do.”

That’s going to get people down to business quickly.

That’s thing number one: lead. Show a little bit of urgency.

Stand up

Number two, stand up.

I stand up on all of my webinars. My energy is better.

If you want to add value to that, stand up in Alaska in the rain. That’ll get your answers a little bit more succinct as well.

Have a bag of tricks

On your coaching calls, if you don’t have a bag of tricks ready, every time somebody has a problem, you’re going to have to unpack it and find a solution. Whereas after you’ve been doing this for a little while, you’re going to have some tricks already up on your website ready to rock and roll.

And so, you’re going to go, “Hey, this is like the Webinar Profit Pipeline. What you need is some pretty emails, some post emails, and some reminder emails to get people to show up. Do it like this. By the way, all of the resources are in the Webinar Profit Pipeline so jump in there, and that’s going to help you.”

So, you’re going to get people 2 to 3-minute overview, and then point them out to resources that are going to really make a big difference. I think that’s going to save you a bunch of time.

Quick Recap

  1. Frame up that we’re here to get you an outcome and have them give you an A-B option.
  2. Stand up.
  3. Have a library of tricks you can pull from. Your job becomes more like a sharer of overviews followed up by pointing resources — a bit like a librarian of good stuff.


I hope this has been helpful.

Big love from me. Talk to you soon.

This has been Taki for #AskTaki, out.


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