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How many names are on your email list?

Maybe it’s not as big as you’d like, or maybe it’s not as big as some of your competitor’s.

Here’s the thing: the number of names on a list isn’t the determining factor of how effective your email marketing can be.

Whether you have a big list you’ve spent years building or a newer list with only a few names, there are several strategies I want to share that will help you increase the response and grow your influence.

First, though, I want to point out the three core problems most coaches have with their email marketing.

Low Response

The first problem is that your list is unresponsive.

This is true for both big and small lists. Even the largest email databases are useless if no one responds. If you’ve sent out emails and people don’t respond (this has happened to most of us), it can be incredibly frustrating.

You send out an email and hear nothing but crickets. It’s ghost towns and tumbleweeds. Nothing happens and it’s massively annoying.

I don’t know what your responsiveness has been like lately, but if it’s low we need to fix it.

Hard To Write

The second big problem with email is that it’s hard to write.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at a blank screen, not knowing what to say. You try to power through and start writing but the whole time you know you’ve got it wrong. You end up deleting everything you just wrote and starting all over again.


When we send a message that was incredibly frustrating to write to a very small list and no one responds, it’s super annoying. I call this low ROE (return on effort).

That’s a reality you’re probably facing right now, but I still believe email marketing can be the most important tool you’ll ever have when growing your coaching business.

When You Get This Right…

I discovered this email strategy about six years ago and I’ve been using it every month since then. In fact, I used it on Thursday and Friday of last week, and it made me $36K. I want to show you exactly how that happened.

If you have a non-responsive list, this simple strategy will help you jumpstart it really quickly.

Instead of emails being long, frustrating, and hard to write, they’ll be incredibly easy because I’m going to show you the fastest, most profitable email you will ever write.

Even if your list is small, I’ll show you how to punch above your weight so that you get inordinate results for the size of the list you have.

Years ago, I had the privilege of having someone promote me to their huge list. At the time, my list was around 2,000 people and his list had almost 35,000 people. I knew when I promoted a webinar to my list, I’d get 200 people to register — 10% of my total list.

I was really excited because I assumed that when he promoted me to his list of 35,000, we’d get the same 10% positive response and my list would grow by 3,500 people in just one week.

He sent multiple emails to his entire list, but only 300 people registered — that’s less than 1%.

Right then I realized it’s not about the number of people on your list — it’s about how many people respond to you.

I want to help you punch above your weight so you get bigger results than (from an outsider’s perspective) you deserve.

Instead of being hard, annoying, and frustrating, leading to a low return on effort, you’ll be able to skidoosh’.

Remember the movie Kung Fu Panda? Po (the panda) masters a move called the Wuxi Finger Hold. He gets his opponent’s finger in a special hold, says ‘skidoosh’, and some pretty amazing things happen!

That’s what we’re after here — incredible results with minimum effort.

Share your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment.


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