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Think your email list is too small to be effective?

In the last post, we talked about why most coaches get a low ROE (return on effort) with their email, and size of email list was not one of the problems. It’s not about the number of people on your list — it’s about how many people respond to you.

I also said I’d show you simplest and easiest way to write email that generates leads and converts prospects into clients. It’s very different from how everyone else does it, so let’s jump straight in.

Three Keys to Running a Successful Email Campaign

1. Enter The Conversation

I want you to enter the conversation that’s already going on in your prospect’s mind.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What are my prospects thinking about or looking for right now?”

The main reason most coaches join my email list is because they want more leads and more clients. One of the most successful emails I ever wrote was really short — only seven words, in fact.

Are you still looking for more clients?

The response was overwhelming! Why? Because I entered the conversation that was already going on in their mind. I knew any prospect of mine was definitely looking for more clients, so I entered the conversation they were already having with themselves.

Here’s another example: after prospects visited, I had a follow-up campaign that sent an email saying, “Are you thinking about coming to the Million Dollar Coach Intensive in March?”

Once again, I entered the conversation that’s already going on in their mind.

If they added their email address to see if any more seats are available, then I knew they were at least thinking of coming.

It’s that simple. Enter the conversation that’s already going on their mind.

Think about the people you have on your list right now. What are they most looking for?

Or, if they’ve already shown some kind of interest — maybe they’ve seen one of your videos or blog posts — there’s a conversation going on in their mind you need to tap into.

2. Throw Hot Potatoes

Once you’ve identified the conversation that’s going on in your prospect’s mind, our job is to throw a hot potato.

A hot potato email is my favorite kind of email. It’s a short, personal email that expects a reply.

You’ll throw them a question and leave an open loop. When they get thrown a question like this, they can’t ignore it. They have to throw it back — they have to respond.

Think of it as texting back and forth with a close friend.

You: Hey, what are you doing tonight?

It’s hard to ignore that text, so they’re going to text you back.

Them: I’m not sure. Why?

You: I was thinking of going to the movies. You want to come?

Them: Maybe. What do you want to watch?

You: The new [whatever] movie.

Them: Sounds good. What time?

You: 7:30 at the theater by your house.

Them: Done.

We’re just playing a game of hot potato in a conversation — back and forth, back and forth.

3. Go Deep Fast

First, we’ll enter the conversation they’re already having in their mind. Then we’ll throw hot potatoes and have them respond.

Finally, when they do respond, we’re going to go deep fast. Specifically, we’ll take the conversation to four levels.

1. Get a reply
Our first job is to get a reply from them.

2. Get a problem
Find out what their biggest issue is.

3. Get the impact
Find out the frustration that’s attached to the problem.

4. Get a booking
Get them to come to an event or webinar, or schedule a one-on-one conversation.

When I first started learning the importance of email marketing, I got really stuck. I had writer’s block a lot because I knew how important my messages were. I knew they could either make or break the sale, so I just didn’t know what to say.

The first thing that really helped me was building some frameworks around how to write promo emails that converted.

You may have heard me talk about setting the scene, amping the importance, offering the reveal, building up the benefits, calling to action, etc, but what really made the huge shift for me was learning that email doesn’t have to be one-way broadcast.

I learned that conversions happen in conversations.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below.


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