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How to Break $1M in Your Coaching Business in the Next 12 Months

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I want to tell you 2 things that I saw clients doing in the last 5 days that made them even more successful. 

Set shorter deadlines

So, first things first. I was on a gameplan.

One of the things we do with every new client is to get their plan together for the next 12 months.

What do we need to do in the first 90 days to really make sure you win it?

And one of the strategies that we picked for him was to run a webinar. 

We decided we’re going to do a webinar and the question came up –this is a 90-day plan.

The question I asked him was, “So, can you open up  your calendar and let’s pick a date.” “We want a Thursday because webinars on Thursdays are good.” And so, I’ve done this a couple of times. 

Of course, having actual industry experience is important.

If you’re trying to coach something that you have no experience in, you have no business being in business, and you should quit and do something else. Right, of course.

You know you’re in trouble when you say, “Let’s open your calendar and let’s pick a date for the webinar. And they give you a date that’s like 3 months away.”

So, I was on this gameplan with a new client and I said, “We’re going to do a webinar first. All we need to do is pick a date.

And he said, “How about this Thursday?

In other words, 6 days’ time. And I’m like, “Yes. I’m really glad you said that. That’s exactly what I was hoping.

And so, that first thing that my most successful clients do that helps them win even faster is they get into action quickly. Right?

And so, there’s no point learning how to run a webinar or preparing for a webinar that’s some time in the future.

There are lots of people who do ‘just-in-case’ learning: ”I’m going to learn this stuff just in case I ever need it.

And what we want to do instead is ‘just-in-time’ learning: “Oh crap, I’ve got a webinar on in a week. Now, I got to get my prep together. I’d got to design the webinar. I got to build the marketing, etc.

Right? Now, we’re just in time and we’re going to get into action and actually get results. Learning stuff doesn’t change your business, but moving does. Right?

I think it was Gary Halbert who used to say, “Motion beats meditation.”

And so, that’s the first thing.

If you want to get results even faster, the first thing you should do is set shorter deadlines. Right? Get stuff done much, much quicker.

Be okay with never-ending revisions

The second thing came from another client called Cyril. 

I was talking to Cyril, he was one of my favorite clients. And he said, “So, we’re working on version 16 of our program.

I was like, “Version 16?!

And he goes, “Yes. Every time we run it, we do a debrief afterward and we work out what’s a change, what –how to make it even better, and we put that down as notes for the next version.

So, Cyril’s on version 16 of his program selling big – really kind of high-tech and high-type solution to corporates. Ran around the world – clients like PHP and several of the major banks.

And so, the secret for him is to be constantly never-ending improving. Right?

Always getting better.

Quick Recap…

And so, let’s link those 2 ideas together.

What makes the most successful clients successful?

Number 1, short time frame. So, they’d get into action instead of being in learning mode.

Number 2, being okay with version 1, 2, 3, 4, and just making a little bit better every single time.

Get into action quickly and move faster.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity.

Because this month, inside Blackbelt, the theme has been around personal productivity and getting shit done. 

There’s a tool that we use which has 35 of my favorite productivity hacks; 35 ways to get things done faster – to get into action quicker, to make things better; but most importantly, to find some flow.

And if you’d like a copy of that, I’ll dig it up. If you’d just type in the word, ‘HACKS’ down below, and I’ll get you a copy.

It’s just a checklist with the 35 hacks. Is that cool?

If you want that, please, let us know. I’d be happy to share a copy with you.


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