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There’s a really good chance that right now in your coaching business, you have a whole lot of stuff sticking to you.

You may leave appointments with homework to do. You may have a bunch of website or tech tasks piling up. Or, maybe there’s some detailed admin work draining you. It could be anything, but the point is, when something sticks to you, it holds you back, slows you down, and keeps you from doing what you do best.

Well, right now I want to share a tactic from my Teflon Coaching Intensive. In case you’re wondering what Teflon has to do with anything… Teflon is the coating they put on cookware that keeps food and grease from sticking to it. Nobody wants to feel like everything sticking them. Instead, we want to feel smooth and frictionless.

It’s Not Like It Used To Be

In the old days, the only tool coaches ever really needed was a telephone. We could ring someone up, coach them, and make money. That was great while it lasted, but it just doesn’t work that way anymore.

Now we have email, autoresponders, videos, webinar, Facebook ads, and so much more. A lot of it is necessary in today’s market, but the more layers we add to our coaching businesses, the more complex it becomes, which often leads to being overwhelmed, overloaded, and overtasked.

With so much on our plate, we end up wearing too many hats. Even if you think about the bare essentials you need to do to be a successful coach, there’s a lot going on. You have to continue to learn so you can stay on top of your game. You have to market so you have prospects to talk to. You have to sell so you have clients to work with. You have to coach and you have to do the admin.

Learn, market, sell, coach, and administrate. Well, that’s five full-time jobs at the very least. Depending on how advanced your business is, it could be more. Marketing alone could be six full-time jobs! If you’re the only one in your coaching business, you’re probably really bogged down doing stuff you’re either not very good at or don’t enjoy. That can be really frustrating, especially when those tasks are necessary for your business’s success.

Here’s the alternative:

Instead of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and bogged down, I want you to be in your power. When you’re in your power, doing what you do best, everything flows around you.

We see this all the time in Formula One and NASCAR racing. When the driver makes a pit stop, they have an entire crew that gets to work. There’s someone checking the engine, someone jacking up the car, someone replacing the tires, and someone adding in fuel.

They’re all busy for one reason: to help the driver. The driver doesn’t hop out of the car add more fuel— they have a crew that handles all of that. They tell the crew what needs to be done so they can what they do best — driving the car. We want the same thing for your coaching business. You’re in the driver’s seat after all, right?


Right now, we’re going to look at three key principles for making this a reality for you. The goal is to help you gain some much-needed altitude above the hustle & bustle and stress so you can breathe again and focus on exactly what you need to do to get your power back. Let’s jump in!

1. X-Ray Your Activity

I recently noticed that every great breakthrough I’ve ever had came in the pause after I was a asked a great question. It doesn’t happen in the busy-ness. It happens in the thought before the busy-ness or the reflection afterward. It happens in the pause.

To gain the clarity needed to get unstuck in your business, you need to manufacture a moment of pause and take an x-ray of all the activity you currently do in your business.

Ask yourself, What did I do today? What did I do yesterday? What did I do last week? What am doing next week? What are my daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly activities?

Take a moment to write it down. List of everything you do — on paper — to give you a clear picture of what you’re actually doing, instead of just running around like a rat in a maze. This isn’t a time-in-motion study where every three minutes you have to fill in a little box. That’s incredibly annoying because it interrupts your day 50 times and you’ll never stick with it.

Instead, take this one x-ray of everything that needs to get done in your company. It’ll take you 10-15 minutes to get most of it down (you can always build on it later if you want).


2. Identify Your Genius

Once you have a list of everything you do, you need to identify you genius.

It’s safe to say that not all tasks are created equal. Every job isn’t perfectly suited to you. There are some tasks you’re great at, but let’s be honest — there are also some tasks you’re bad at doing.

For me, there are tasks that I’m not just bad at — I’m abysmally, woefully terrible at them, and you’re exactly the same. And that’s completely okay!

I really like how Dan Sullivan breaks every task down into four different categories. We’re going to do the same thing (with a slight modification). Here are the four categories our tasks will fall into:

1. Incompetent

These are tasks you stink at doing. They’re hard work, you get bad results, and you don’t enjoy them.

2. Competent

These are tasks you’re passable or average at doing. You’re not really good at them and maybe you shouldn’t be doing them at all, but you can complete them when you have to.

3. Excellent

These are the tasks you’ve become really great at doing. Maybe you don’t love them, but everyone knows you’re good at them. You get really solid results and you’re better at them than most of the people around you.

4. Genius

These are the tasks you’re naturally gifted at. You find them easy and effortless. Maybe you didn’t even have to learn them and you’ve been doing them since you were a kid. They flow for you and get you incredible results. You know that five to ten minutes spent in your genius is better than two to three hours of doing incompetent stuff.

Once you’ve x-rayed your activity and have a list of all the tasks you do, you’ll label them as either Incompetent, Competent, Excellent, or Genius.


3. Systemize The Routine

Now that your tasks are labeled, it’s time to offload everything you shouldn’t be doing by creating systems and checklists for virtual assistants or new employees to follow.

Start with the incompetent tasks, then move on to the competent tasks. Eventually, you’ll eliminate the excellent tasks, leaving you with only your genius tasks — the things you’re incredibly good and could do forever without getting bored.

When you do this, you free up your time to focus on the real money-making activities in your business.


Keep in mind that offloading all but your genius tasks doesn’t have to happen all at once. In fact, that’s almost impossible. It can take several months, and that’s totally okay.

When I first started offloading tasks, my goal was to free up 30 minutes every week. I’d choose a task, create a system for it, and offload it to a VA. Before long, the time added up and I was able to focus solely on the parts of my business I was passionate about. You can do the exact same thing in your business.

Your Next Steps

To recap, here are the next steps you’ll follow to become like Teflon:

  1. List out all the tasks you’re currently doing.
  2. Label each of them as Incompetent, Competent, Excellent, or Genius
  3. Circle all the Incompetent and Competent tasks and start creating systems for your VA to follow so you never have to do those things again.


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