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How to Stop Being Victimized by Your Calendar

Compare the way you manage your time to where you sit in a car.

You might be in the driver’s seat — calling the shots, steering the car where you want to go, and accelerating and braking when you want to.

Or, you might be in the passenger’s seat — complaining about how you aren’t going where you’d like and passively waiting for change.

You might even be locked in the boot (trunk) — kicking and screaming,

Why Coaches Need One Extra Workday Each Week

Think about your average work week. What’s the hardest part of getting it all done?

Do you have trouble prioritizing or focusing? Are you getting distracted or overwhelmed?

Are you constantly putting out fires as they arise? Is tough balancing your work and home life?

Many of us think to ourselves, “If I just had one extra day to get stuff done, that would be fantastic.” Well, that’s what we’re going to focus on— giving ourselves an extra workday.

How To Give Yourself A Promotion And Do What You Love

So many of the coaches I run into are stuck doing everything themselves, and I mean everything.

Coaching, selling, accounting, admin tasks — it all falls on their shoulders, both work they love and work they hate.

I don’t care who you are, nobody can do it all without the quality of their coaching, business, and personal life suffering dramatically.

There’s no secret way to do it all yourself and maintain a healthy coaching business and lifestyle.

Why You Should Stop Doing Everything in Your Coaching Business


There’s a good chance that right now you’re doing everything in your coaching business — all of it, by yourself. Work piles up and begins to bottleneck, and unfortunately, the bottleneck is you.

Besides coaching your clients, you have to learn, market, sell, and do the admin work, not to mention every other possible task that pops up. There’s probably an awful lot on your plate currently.

You’d love to give a few tasks to somebody else,

3 Virtual Assistant Training Traps and How to Avoid Them

There are so many things that need to be done in your coaching business, and it’s tricky to do them all yourself. But, for many coaches, hiring a full-time staff is out of the question.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a great move towards freeing up time and workload, but it comes with its challenges and the process can be a bit clunky while you first get it up and running.

I want to show you how to get tasks off your plate quickly and become rock solid in systemizing your business with a virtual assistant.

Keep Your Clients Over The Holidays: 5 Questions That Make Clients Recommit

Most people are looking back on the past year with a tinge of regret. They’re wishing they’d worked a little harder and or gotten bigger results.

They’re also looking ahead, hoping to turn things around in the upcoming year. Maybe they’re hoping for a miracle that next year will magically improve.

As coaches, we need to focus on more than just hanging onto our clients. We need to focus on getting our clients to recommit to themselves,

Keep Your Clients Over The Holidays: Changing Your Mindset

Around this time of year, there’s a real danger of losing some of your clients.

A majority of small businesses are shutting down for the holidays – tying up loose ends so they can take some time off. Others are getting so busy that they can’t focus on anything other than running their business.

Either way, there’s a danger they won’t see the value in paying you over the Christmas season and leave your services.

How to Craft Your Morning Ritual To Feel Unstoppable

If you’ve ever listened to Tim Ferriss’s podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, you’ve heard about the morning routine. Tim asks almost every guest he interviews what the first hour of their day looks like. With over 100 guests, it’s obviously important to him.

As I thought about why a morning ritual is so important to him, I realized that the way you start your day is a great indicator of how it will end.

Behind the Scenes of Tribal Council

I want to let you in behind the scenes of the tribal council I’ve just run with my virtual team here in the Philippines.

Hey, so I’m here at Pearl Farm Resort, near Davao in the Philippines, down south where my team are based and twice a year, every year, we bring our team together to the resort here or somewhere fancy – last couple of times it’s been here – to work together in what we call tribal council.