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This is another episode in waiting for takeaway food with Taki. I’m at the front of Burgers on Parade in Avalon.

I’m just going to read Tim Ferriss’s new book.

But I had an idea of something to share, and I thought I could just share this with you instead because —really, it’s hard work.

Talking is easy, let’s just do that, hey.

So, here’s the big idea…

A lot of times I talk to coaches, and they’re terrified of trying new things.

Because if you try something new, what if it doesn’t work?

What if you put in a bunch of time and effort, and this thing doesn’t work?

Or what if you put the thing that you’ve been doing that’s already pretty successful at risk, and they suddenly failed?

Honestly, legitimate concerns.

When you try something new, it might be the worst thing in the world.

But it also could be the breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for.

And so, one of the approaches that has been really helpful for us is to treat our business like a lab.

You’re the scientist, and I know that in our business, every month we test out about four to five new things.

And here’s what I know…

Every time we try five new things, two or three of them completely bombed.

Like, totally bombed.

One would be just okay, and one will be extraordinary.

And so, whichever one’s extraordinary, obviously, we’ll repeat that.

Number two, we’ll document it, systemize it, and help clients roll it out in their business too. Right?

The reason I’m thinking about this today is that tomorrow, I’m running an experiment.

An experiment that I’ve been completely put out of my mind.

I’ve been thinking about switching from GoToWebinar — which I’ve been using for years and years and years and years.

And frankly, I could GoToWebinar in my sleep.

Been thinking of switching from that to something else.

And I’ve got a couple of really specific use cases in mind — before you say, “You should try Zoom”, dude, I’ve tried Zoom.

I love Zoom. It’s amazing. And it might be the solution.

But there’s something I want to test out first, right?

And so, tomorrow, I’m going to —just set this thing —so, today —like, two hours ago, I sent an e-mail to all of the webinar registrants and said, “Hey, we treat our business like a lab. There’s an experiment I want to run tomorrow, and can you flex —I’m just going to cancel the webinar from this platform, we’re going to move over to this other platform.”

It might go incredibly well, or it could be the worst decision in the world.

My team and I had a conversation all day today about some new stuff we want to test out next year in terms of the way we deliver our stuff so clients get even more value with less overwhelm.

Anyway, so, all I wanted to say is while the burger over there — burgers over there get cooked — is treat your business like a lab.

Take some of the pressure off.

When you treat your business like a lab, I guess two things happen; number one, the pressure goes down, the fun goes up, and the speed goes up.

That’s not just two things, that’s three things.

Do you see how I added the bonus third thing?

And so, if you treat your business like a lab, it takes the pressure off, you get everything right.

It lets you get kind of a little bit loose, a little bit playful, and a little bit experimental which is heaps of fun.

Frankly, most of our businesses area bit stuck.

I’m in Av right now. So, pressure goes down because not everything has to go right because we’re just trying out stuff.

The stakes are low, it’s one webinar.

If it bombs, who cares?

We just go back to the old way or try out something else new. 

So, pressure goes down, the fun goes up, speed goes up.

You’ll never know unless you have a try.

As Ethan says, I think to quote some Australian movie, “You’ve got to risk it if you want the biscuit.” And he’s right.

So, that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to risk it tomorrow, we’ll see if we’ve got the biscuit or just a handful of crumbs.

So, that’s me.

I guess, frankly, way more important than all of these is you.

What’s one thing that you’ve been thinking about testing in your business?

Is it something that’s broken?

Or, frankly, just something that you wanted to try and see, and you’ve always wondered, “If…” right?

Dude, write down that thing. Try it this year.

You’ve got a few weeks left. Then, everyone’s going to be drunk on Christmas.

They’re going to be way too full from eating too much food.

No one’s going to remember. So, do it, okay?

 Hopefully, that helps. And if it has, amazing.

And if not, dude, that was just another experiment.

In your case, failed.

It’s been really fun. Now that we’ve done that, I’m going to get back to Tim Ferriss’s book.

I had a quick flick through. I just bought it today. Looks fun. And trying to get me some burgers wrapped in lettuce. Cool?

Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon.


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