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I hope you’re amazingly well. I’m just down here at the beach on a little bit of break.

In this quick video, I want to give you a quick check to tell if your productivity is as good as it could be, or if your S:W:T ratio is off.

A little bit of context…

First of all, I don’t do productivity like most people do, and you probably shouldn’t either.

I’m not very good at managing to-do lists or minutes, or hours, but I’m really good at days and I’m really good at weeks. And one of the secrets to making my days absolutely rock, I discovered in the Philippines.

At least once a year, we go to the Philippines and we work with our virtual team.

We do this thing called Tribal Council where we go to an island.

While on the island, we align the team, we set goals, we fix problems, and usually, we get three or six months worth of progress done in three days, and it’s extraordinary. 

While we were there on this island in the bottom of the Philippines, is where I discovered the S:W:T ratio and it’s made all of the difference to me.

I want to share what it is and why it works so well, and what my ideal ratio looks like.

But I want to let you know that the W is vital, and you might swap S and T for something that’s a bit more you.

Does that make sense?

See, here’s the thing…

If you don’t get your S:W:T ratio right, then what happens is all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

You end up getting burned out, and tired, and you don’t really get anything done, and life’s a chore.

If you get this right, though, here’s what happens: work’s fun.

It’s much focused and intense. Life’s fun, and everything gets better.

I want to show you what these kids next to me are doing because I think they’ve figured something a little brave.

On this island, we decided to work in three 90-minute work sprints.

We work for 90 minutes and then we take a break.

S:W:T simply stands for swim, work, tacos.

And my happiest days are where I have a swim, I’ll do 90 minutes of work, and then I’ll eat something yum.

In this case, it’s like swim, work, tacos; swim, work, mangoes; swim, work, dinner or afternoon tea. 

I just want you to get your work ratios right.

There’s nothing worse than having a day where it’s all work and there’s absolutely no fun.

You’d burn out really quickly.

Just work out some combination of good, focused, solid work with something delicious —ideally healthy— and some kind of movement or activity.

For me, good work —any —a great day is where I can get two great 50-minute work sprints done.

Usually I fast in the morning straight to lunch time, but I’m coming up right now.

It’s about lunch time right now. It’s my second work sprint.

Just had my second swim with Jacinta. I’m going to shoot off right now and get some tacos.

So whatever your ratio is —like, work is a constant, but nine-to-five is for mugs.

Don’t do nine-to-five.

Do 50-minute work sprints a day is heaps to get really important stuff done. 

Number one, decide how much work to get done.

Secondly, is it swim for you or is it something else?

I just think we need to change channels out of mental work into something physical.

That might be go for a walk. It could be go to the gym and lose something.

It could be going for a run. It could be whatever it is for you, is completely fine.

Whatever you choose, is completely up to you.

But for me, its swim, work, and then tacos or something similar.

All I want to do is just work out what’s the ideal ratio of work to something physical to something yummy, and just change channels regularly.

You don’t have to nine-to-five anymore. It’s a mug’s game.

Get into the word of work which is S:W:T balanced completely right.

Do that, life’s going to be amazing. Cool?

Hope you enjoyed this little tip.

I’ve certainly enjoyed my two works and my two swims.

I figured my taco ratio up right now.

I’m heavy on the S and the W, no Ts. It’s an 80-minute fast break time. Time to get into some lunch.

Take care.

Taki Moore, out.


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