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5 Cut & Paste Email Templates To Reawaken Your Contact List

When it comes to getting more clients, do you ever feel like you’re just waiting around? Like you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go?

You know your coaching program is great, but you’re not making enough sales.

You promote your webinars, live events, and programs, but your emails don’t seem to get through to your list.

It’s almost like your entire contact list is asleep.

Let’s wake them up,

How to Train Your Webinar Audience to Take Action

Nobody wants their webinar to be a boring, one-hour monologue that doesn’t sell, but so many coaches are stuck with exactly that.

I get it.

We all want more engagement in our webinars, but pulling it off can be a bit of a mystery… until now.

We’ve talked about the reasons why coaches need to drive up their webinar engagement and in the last post, we looked at the first step to pulling this off.

The Coaches’ Guide to Finding the Perfect JV Partners

There’s a reason some of the greatest marketers in the world think of joint venture relationships as the #1 most effective marketing strategy.

Someone else has spent tons of time and money building trust with a list of clients and prospects. Joint ventures make it possible for us to access their list, tap into the trust, and sell our coaching services.

As with most brilliant marketing strategies, it’s not always the easiest thing to pull off.