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How to Break $1M in Your Coaching Business in the Next 12 Months

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I’m gonna show you how to structure a 12-month program so clients get great results and it keeps you free.


If we put an online course, like a short course, we’re gonna build it linear, like week 1, 2, 3, 4 in a set order. But if we do something  for 12 months, we’re gonna build it modular.


Yes, something modular, so that every month – every module stands alone. You don’t need to have to preview one of these for that to make sense.

To make that work, we don’t just have to structure the content modular, but we also need to have an on ramp. A way to bring new people up to speed quickly so when they join the rest of the group, it’s easy.

On Ramp

In our on ramp, there are four things that we do. Imagine the first four things that somebody does in our program. The first thing we need to have sorted is we need to get avatar or target market right so that we know who we’re working with.

Signature System

Next, we wanna design our product, our signature system.

The third thing that we want people to have at least kind of 70 or 80 percent dialed in before we kick off, is the money map. The money map is the funnel, the marketing, what we’re just talking about right now.

And then finally, every single client that comes on board with us is already busy. Are you guys already busy? And so, the only thing that’s gonna get in the way of them succeeding is they’re already busy and a bit time poor.

So the last thing that we work on is called the extra workday. It’s a system to help you find an extra 8 to 10 hours a week to work on your stuff.

And so our on ramp goes…
Avatar – Signature System – Money Map – Extra Workday.

A short 10-minute video with a worksheet to fill in, which gets people ready for the game plan, which is a one on one strategy session.

With a Sherpa, to help them get really clear about and make sure that these things are running, and design out the first 90 days so that people get ROI quickly.

If you’re designing a short online course, then linear makes sense. But if you’re doing something longer, having it modular so that people can drop in anytime is a much, much better way to go.

Secondly, if you’re gonna do that, you need an on ramp to get people up to speed quickly.

I’d love to hear about your your next step. Is it gonna be a short online course or a larger 12-month group coaching program? Leave a comment below. 🙂


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