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Case Study — How To Step Up And Serve More People

Chiropractor & Coach Laurence Tham shares how Black Belt has helped him step up and serve more people in this touching testimony.


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Why People Aren’t Responding To Your Marketing

I want to tell you the one reason why people aren’t responding to your marketing the way you want them to.

I just got back a few weeks ago from a Black Belt Intensive in Santa Monica and one of the things that came out was, how do you make your marketing irresistible, how do you make it so people are crazy hot for what you got?

The secret to making marketing that is irresistible is to make your free marketing,

A One-To-Many Leveraged Coaching Program

I want to give you the best way to structure a one-to-many leveraged coaching program. It’ll get clients great results, it’ll set you free.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a brand new client, somebody who’s just trying my Black Belt program because she’s looking to scale her service delivery to a much more leveraged model. She’s making a great difference to a few people and wants to take it to the masses and be remunerated for that.

Case Study: “Breakeven coach makes 
$336k on his first webinar; pays off mortgage in cash.”

In the following Video, Tristan, a Black Belt member shares how he went from $15K per month, to earning $336K from one webinar. In the last 6 months he’s made half a million dollars — this is from taking what he had (his experience, skills and desire to grow) and 3 strategies from Black Belt. But instead of me telling you about it here, why don’t you watch the video to hear Tristan explain how he did it in his own words…

How Many Steps Are There in Your Sales Process?

I want to talk to you about getting the right number of steps in your sales process. If you have too many people will slip through the cracks and not convert. If you have too few then people won’t take the steps in the first place because it is too big of a jump. Let’s get the number right and get you some sales.

So here is the situation. I was on a Skype call yesterday with a Black Belt client from California and he had some questions about setting up a new file to sell a high-end service he has packaged together.

Should You Be Local, National or Global?

I want to answer a question:

Should you aim to be a local coach, a national coach, or a global coach?

The answer might surprise you and be easier than you think.

So one of my coach marketing members asked me a question on a live Q&A call the other day about:

Should they aim to own a geographic area like a local market, should they go nationwide (in this case across Australia) or should they go global?

Marketing Lessons From Santa

Everything I know about marketing, I learned from Santa Claus.

Set yourself up for an incredible new year with the 12 marketing lessons every coach should learn from the man in red.

I’ve got a running challenge with one of my Black Belt Insiders to extract business lessons from weird places.

It all started when he mentioned the book “Everything I know about business, I learned in kindergarten”.

Marketing Lessons from The Man in Red


Your Cashflow Follows Your Calendar

I want to tell you one secret that will help you get more clients faster than anything else you do; by the way, it’s not marketing. So from time to time, I get brought in like a marketing swat team.

Either to an individual coach or a team of coaches, whose marketing performance is lackluster; or they really want to kick up their game to another level fast. So it’s a half day or a full day,