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I’ve got a little announcement about BIG news today.

And I’m super stoked to share it with you.

If you read this blog post to the end, I’ve got a feeling you’ll be super stoked, too.

After years of honing my craft, and making my very best stuff available to my seriously smart and devilishly good-looking crowd of Black Belt coaches …

… everything I know is now available in the most democratic form possible.


Million Dollar Coach book by Taki Moore

Yep … from right now, this minute, you can get the Million Dollar Coach system, in all its glory, in book form … to be annotated, cross-referenced and implemented immediately.

It’s chock-full of the coaching secrets that were previously only available to those who either attended a Million Dollar Coach Intensive workshop or enrolled in my reassuringly expensive Black Belt program.

Today you can get it for only a few bucks … less than you’re going to spend on your skinny frappuccino tomorrow morning.

And there’s more.

You see, I’d like to propose a trade.

If you grab a copy on Amazon TODAY (Free for one week then about $2.99), and you leave a review once you’ve read it …

Then you send us a screenshot of that review to email (limited time and now has expired, sorry), then we’ll hook you up with:

  1. One complimentary ticket to a Million Dollar Coach Intensive workshop in 2017 (what?! I know, right!)
  2. A premium BlackBelt training program on how to sell with webinars so you can start to make the hottest conversion tool this side of waterboarding work for you right away.
  3. A premium BlackBelt training program on how to move from one-to-one to one-to-many coaching so that you can stop trading time for money and hating the idea of new clients … because new clients mean more work.
  4. A premium BlackBelt training program on how to get hot new leads really quickly so that you can start putting this stuff into place before the end of the year and hit 2017 with the mass of prospects that you’ll know how to convert into hungry clients.

It’s ENTIRELY, 100% possible to run a 7-figure coaching business while working less than you’re working today.

The proof is in my clients’ results. Rob – who helped me put this book together – made $280k in one 90 minute webinar earlier this year using just ONE strategy …

Now it’s your turn to find out exactly HOW to do it by grabbing a copy of the book right now, while it’s still available at “promo” price.

Get your copy now!





And then be sure to leave a review, send it to us and we’ll hook you up with all those goodies.

What are you waiting for?

Get the Book on Amazon!


Click here for Press Release: Best Selling Book, “Million Dollar Coach,” on Amazon


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