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How To Give Prospects Useful Marketing Content Without Giving Too Much Away

As coaches, we know that we regularly need to keep in touch with our prospects, but finding what to say and how to say it can be tough.

We don’t want to be pushy in our content, but we also don’t want to give too much away. Erring on either side will get us ignored by our prospects, which is the last thing we want.

Instead, we want our prospects to be addicted to our content.

Trouble Closing Clients? Look at Your Lead Conversion Process

Converting prospects into clients can be the most challenging part of the business for many coaches.

They may know exactly who their target market is, what their problems are, and where to find them. They might even know their prospects by name.

For these coaches, it’s not lead generation that’s the biggest challenge – it’s lead conversion.

When coaches struggle with conversion, the problems usually come up in the sales appointment.

How To Craft A Magnetic Headline For Your Marketing Content

We recently talked about the challenges many of us face when writing marketing content. These challenges aren’t unique to coaches.

Even successful authors face moments when writing is difficult – they struggle with writer’s block, fail to get a decent response from their work, etc. The methods professional writers use to overcome these challenges typically involve plowing through and writing more.

As coaches we don’t want to want to spend all our time writing.

Why Coaches Fail To Write Compelling Marketing Content

The story goes that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were sitting in bed one day and Yoko said, “John, I really wish I had a pool.”

His response was, “Okay, I’ll write us one.”

He then wrote a song, performed it, and sold a ton of records, making plenty enough money to have a pool put in. John Lennon knew how important a few words written for the right audience could be.

You have the opportunity to write yourself a pool.

How To Keep Your Best Prospects From Slipping Through Holes In Your Marketing

Marketing is compared to fishing a lot. At the risk of overusing the analogy, I think I can milk it for a little more. We don’t want to catch one fish at a time with a rod. We want to catch a bunch of fish at once, so we use a net.

Here’s the mistake we make. We try to market as broad as we can. We think that the broader our reach is, the more people we can attract.

How to Order Your Marketing and Sales for Successful Conversions

John bit the dog. The dog bit John. Same four words, but when arranged in a different sequence, they have an entirely different meaning. Especially for John!
— Tony Robbins, MONEY Master The Game

Marketing Sequence. It’s not a topic that coaches hear a lot about.

We’re usually busy hunting down the newest strategies and best practices for our marketing and sales. But, finding the right strategy is only half of the battle.