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I know tons of coaches who’ve spent years creating and perfecting their IP but placed far too little thought in how to deliver it.

You could have the greatest coaching program in your entire industry, but without the right framework for running your coaching sessions, you’ll run into problems.

Whether you deliver your coaching one-to-many or one-on-one, your clients will get stuck. That’s a reality we all face. Obviously, you want to help them, but if you don’t have the right framework, two things happen.

Sessions Take Too Long

First, these coaching sessions can drag on and on and on. You want to help them solve their problem, but it takes way too long.

If you run a group coaching program with a one-on-one component to it, you don’t want the session to go on for hours if it doesn’t have to.

If you run a one-on-one coaching session, you want it to be incredibly focused so clients can come to you when they need help and count on getting great results. Just because you have an hour blocked off in your schedule for a coaching session doesn’t mean you have to use that whole hour.

Sessions Wander Off Topic

Second, without a framework, coaching sessions have a tendency to meander and drift off track quite a bit.

In every great coaching session there are usually a few minutes that are extremely insightful, powerful, and make a huge difference for the client. The rest of the time, though, is usually just filler.

We want to cut out the filler and make the whole session killer, but we can’t do that without the proper framework.

Sessions Drain Your Energy

When sessions take too long and wander off track, it’s a total energy drain for both you and the client.

I usually run my coaching sessions on Wednesdays. Before I starting using a framework, there were plenty Wednesday evenings I’d think to myself, I had a ton of conversations, but I don’t feel like I moved anything forward because I was busy helping somebody else solve a short-term problem instead of building something that was more long-term.

When the session is long and wanders off topic, the client may feel like it was a good conversation, but you know they didn’t really make the big jump forward you wanted for them.

You’ll feel like you’ve wasted your time because you’ve only moved the client forward an inch instead of a mile.

The Framework That Changes Everything

That’s the bad news, but when you get this right, coaching sessions look completely different.

Instead of spending hours helping clients get unstuck, the right framework can help your clients move quickly. They’ll be clear about what they need to move ahead, and the session will propel them forward, lightning-fast.

Second, instead of spending an hour in a session with only five productive minutes, the session will be sharp, focused, and specific. Quite frankly, it will feel punchy.

When you lock down this coaching framework, your session actually gives you and your client energy rather than draining it from you.

Sounds pretty good, right?

I call this framework The 20™ because it’s designed to help you run an entire coaching session in 20 minutes. In the next blog post, I’ll give you the three keys you need to run The 20™ so you can maximize your client’s progress in minimum time.

What are your thoughts on this? Share them below.


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