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I’ve got a question from a client in Black Belt called Nima and he wants to know how I teach and sell at the same time.

In other words, how do I deliver content that feels useful, that also moves people towards buying my stuff? Super great question.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the line between content and marketing has blurred and it’s been blurring for quite some time. This isn’t new. It’s been happening for ages.

Remember in the old days, they had newspapers, right? And you’d go for the newspapers to read articles and ads.

And then somebody goes, “Hey, they’re ignoring the ads. Let’s create advertorial.”

You go to TV. And on TV, they had the shows and then they have the ads — the commercials.

And then somebody smart said, “Hey, let’s blend the two together and let’s come up with infomercials.”

Then, there are the movies. They’ve got the movies, and we’ve got the ad beforehand which nobody really watches, and then let’s do product placement.

I want you to notice that the line between content and marketing has been blurring for quite some time. And so, this is really a core skill that you want to develop. Yes?

Content and Context

Here’s the thing, as a context, one of the core skills you can develop on your way to a million-dollar coaching business is the ability to teach content in a way that moves people forwards and sell in a way that feels like content.

When you can sell in a way that feels like content, people are receptive to it and when you can teach in a way that moves people forward, obviously, they will move.

A friend of mine, Christian, said something years ago that really stuck with me. He said your market will probably change more lives than your coaching ever will. And that’s because of scale and volume.

So, where can you apply this?

We can apply this in webinars, from stage presentations, you can apply this in a 1:1 sales situation. You probably don’t need to, but you can.

You can certainly apply this in videos and you can apply it in blogs or every piece of content you create. What you want to do is you want to think about what’s the thing I want to sell, right?

How do I insert that into some content?

My very first experience of this was years ago, back when I was dead broke and I had to borrow $200 from Sam just to buy groceries to feed the fam. I got booked on a webinar, the first one I’ve ever done. 

Got booked on a webinar and it was an interview. I’ve never been interviewed before. My first public presentation, I suppose, and I’ve been coaching privately but I hadn’t done that stuff before. And it was like, “Send me over the questions.” and I said, “Well, this is a great opportunity.”

So, what I did was I made a list of the seven biggest wins I’ve ever had with clients — seven biggest client results that I had. And then I said, “Well, if that’s the win, what question can I get him to ask me that would let me impart him as part of my answer just drop that story, almost like I came up with it on the fly?”

The whole thing is really around planned spontaneity. Anyway, that’s just an example. So, this guy asked me a question and I said, “Hey, it’s a really good question. It’s really important because of X, Y, Z. Let me give you an example.” And I just tell that story, and all of a sudden, towards great content, and sell my stuff in a way that felt like it was a straight give, but all of the influences happening behind the scenes.

There are always two conversations going on. There’s the content you’re teaching and there’s the underlying message

I just wanted to say, this happens everywhere. And if you want some specific examples and you’re in Black Belt, you can easily find these inside the member site.

The Webinar Selling Intensive™ helps you with planned spontaneity and product placement in your webinars.

For short, 2 to 3-minute blog videos, The Video Flow™ is perfect — the framework goes promise, brand yourself, seed, and teach. And then call-to-action and sign off.

It’s in every single piece of marketing I do. But if you want a couple of great examples, all you need to do is log in to your account and watch these videos:

  • The Webinar Selling Framework™
  • The Strategy Session Seeder™ is where we take 3 client case studies and seed them in.
  • The Case Study Builder, another great example.
  • The Influence Installer and The Choreographed Close are just beautiful examples of weaving teach and sell in if you’re presenting from the stage.

Otherwise, just watch everything we do in public and you’ll see a ton of it going on.

Our rule is always we give in public, and we only ever ask in private. And because of that, the reputation is squeaky clean. And the big part of this thing —frankly, I think it’s one of the master skills you can learn is how to teach in a way that moves people on how to sell in a that feels like content. It’s certainly one of our secret weapons.

A lot of our public content is Why content, What-To-Do content and What-Not-To-Do content, and How content almost always lives in the paid piece of work.

Some people say give away your best stuff, and others say don’t give it all the way otherwise people won’t need you.

And frankly, I believe that when you give freely of your information, you earn the right to charge a premium for implementation.

Teach people what to want. I totally agree with that.

That’s enough for me for now.

If you want to get around other people who are scaling and learn how to do this and see some examples, then join our Facebook group, The Dojo, and let’s have a little bit of fun together.

Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon. 

Taki Moore, out.


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