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Get Your Prospects To Take Action With This Content Strategy


Creating marketing content that both engages prospects and gets them to take action is simple… in theory. It really just boils down to deciding what to say and how to say it.

But, when trying to get prospects to engage with content, many coaches tend to give too much away. I call this Hard Teaching.

It’s when coaches give out so much high-quality content that the prospects have no reason to buy from them.

Keep Your Clients Over The Holidays: 5 Questions That Make Clients Recommit

Most people are looking back on the past year with a tinge of regret. They’re wishing they’d worked a little harder and or gotten bigger results.

They’re also looking ahead, hoping to turn things around in the upcoming year. Maybe they’re hoping for a miracle that next year will magically improve.

As coaches, we need to focus on more than just hanging onto our clients. We need to focus on getting our clients to recommit to themselves,

How to Price Your Coaching Programs Confidently with the 10X Rule

There are two big mistakes I see most coaches make when pricing their programs.

They undercharge, and they’re under-confident.

These two go hand in hand. When a coach lacks confidence, they fail to charge the right amount because they don’t know if they’re worth it. In turn, by undercharging they don’t generate enough income which results in a lack of confidence. It’s a nasty cycle.

After a while, this causes them to undervalue themselves,