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3 Things Every Coach Must Do For A Win-Win JV Partnership

Even though joint ventures have the potential to make your business explode with growth, a lot of coaches are uneasy about pursuing them. Usually, it’s because they lack the process.

I’ve written about the first two steps of this process, detailing how to identify potential JV partners and reach out to them. The next thing you know, you’re on a Skype call together.


True Mutuality

When it comes to having the conversation,

What Jamie Foxx Can Teach Us About Getting JV Partners to Say Yes

Pop Quiz: What products and services do your clients purchase besides yours?

For example, let’s say you coach small business owners. In addition to buying your coaching program, they might hire an outside financial firm to handle their accounting.

This accounting firm has grown and nurtured a list of clients and prospects, and many of them might be small business owners in your niche.

When you enter a joint venture relationship with the accounting firm,

The Coaches’ Guide to Finding the Perfect JV Partners

There’s a reason some of the greatest marketers in the world think of joint venture relationships as the #1 most effective marketing strategy.

Someone else has spent tons of time and money building trust with a list of clients and prospects. Joint ventures make it possible for us to access their list, tap into the trust, and sell our coaching services.

As with most brilliant marketing strategies, it’s not always the easiest thing to pull off.