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The 2 Biggest Factors for Building a Dynamite JV Partnership

I was recently talking with a friend about what I did for work, and a few minutes in we landed on the topic of joint venture relationships. He asked me what made my approach to JV’s so successful and different.

I thought about it for a second, and told him the two biggest factors that have made my JV partnerships successful.

Slow It Down

When most people approach a potential JV partner,

How to Boost Your Joint Venture’s Success

As an independent owner, you have a lot of control over your business. It’s probably one of the reasons you became a coach in the first place.

And if you’re anything like me, waiting isn’t your strong suit. It’s even more frustrating when you wait around people to do what they said but it never gets done.

Unfortunately we can’t control other people. That’s one of the scariest aspects of entering into joint ventures.

What Jamie Foxx Can Teach Us About Getting JV Partners to Say Yes

Pop Quiz: What products and services do your clients purchase besides yours?

For example, let’s say you coach small business owners. In addition to buying your coaching program, they might hire an outside financial firm to handle their accounting.

This accounting firm has grown and nurtured a list of clients and prospects, and many of them might be small business owners in your niche.

When you enter a joint venture relationship with the accounting firm,