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Marketing and Sales Steroids to Grow Your Business

The Million Dollar Coach written by Taki lays out the framework for a marketing, sales and delivery model that is not only on the leading edge in the industry, but is one that is can be successfully implemented. He cuts through the noise and provides tools that help the individual get their head around what is probably the number 1 challenge for coaches and consultants, trying to succeed with an outdated business model that is built around time for money.
The book is laid out well and follows a sound progression. It incorporates numerous examples and helps the reader project this to their own situation. It is engaging as well as informative.
I recommend reading and applying Million Dollar Coach for the seasoned coach or consultant, as well those who are just starting out. You’ll be glad you did.

– Richard


It’s a blueprint for your coaching business.

This is an awesome book if you’re looking to grow or start your coaching business. It’s basically a blueprint on how to start and or scale your coaching/consulting business. I love the way Taki breaks everything down into simple concepts making his strategies really easy to understand and execute. Chapter 4 on auditioning clients is a must read, specifically, his take on the three-question loop is brilliant. He basically walks you through how to onboard a client on a silver platter. I also loved the part on creating green, yellow and red offers and how to speak to people on your website when you’re a brand new coach. Taki’s concept of using the “news trap” to help you come up with content ideas is awesome. I highly recommend if you’re a coach just getting started, if you’re a coach struggling to generate leads and clients or if you’re a successful coach looking for a few golden nuggets.

– William Parlamanon


An Amazing Tactical Guide To Building A Thriving Leveraged Coaching Practice.

The Million Dollar Coach is the best book on building and marketing your coaching practice out today.
No matter where you are in your business there are tons of helpful strategies and tactics in this book that you can immediately implement. The process is super easy to follow and it’s not just fluff. Taki gives you a complete vision for your business and how you will go about operating it, scaling it and ensuring you can reach more people, help more people and create the impact your coaching business deserves.
If you’re like I was, tired of hearing the same marketing tactics from every “expert” out there but not getting much real advice just a ton of theory, then this book is for you. Read and implement (AKA the street fighting plan).

– Josh Gauthier



A Must Have Resource.

I had the pleasure of attending a class of Taki’s recently. From the minute he walked in he was engaging, passionate, knowledgeable and clearly an authority in the coaching industry. From this 2 hour session, my conversions from prospect to client has increased by 70%! I’m not yet qualified yet to attend Taki’s black Belt Series so when I heard that this book was available I was very excited. Like in person, Taki’s book did not disappoint. Upon purchase, I read it from cover to cover. The problem in my coaching business is that my manual strategy of attracting, converting and delivering to clients had been a stumbling block for me since I started coaching. Taki provides 9 strategies to cut through any obstacles that may be slowing us (coaches) down, getting in the way or stopping us from achieving our best success in this industry. He does this by providing great structure and real life examples in an easy to digest way. A highly recommended read for those who are searching for a clear path to financial freedom while being able to leverage their skills to help thousands of more people over 1-to-1 coaching.

– Daniel Martin


Coaches and Consultants who want to scale their business…BUY THIS BOOK!

Taki Moore has frameworks and strategies to get any coach and consultant to scale their business. Buy the book and then go to one his Live Events in L.A., London, or Sydney, Australia. Huge fan of his teachings and I love it in book form too. Get the book.

– James Cooper


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