Book Kit

Million Dollar Coach Taki Moore

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Million Dollar Coach Taki Moore

Worksheets and Framework KIT from Million Dollar Coach Book:

The worksheets in the kit are designed to make it easier for you to build your coaching business. We have included individual templates below from several chapters and for a variety of projects that we cover in the book.

Million Dollar Mixing Desk

Your Signature System

Your Business Plan

The Influence Installer

Strategy Session Worksheet

New Client Sign-up Details

The Influence Installer

Webinar Flight Plan

Webinar Pitchdeck Planner

Webinar Money Math

The Money Map

List Building Essentials, Part 1

List Building Essentials, Part 2

The Money Map

Authority Site Offers

Frequency & Media Foundations

Marketing Automation Plan

Your Transition Plan

Million Dollar Plan

Campaign Calendar

Your Transition Plan

Flowchart Your Sales Process, Part 1

Flowchart Your Sales Process, Part 2