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Here’s what you get TODAY:
  • What do you need to Pivot, how can you Protect your clients & cashflow, and finally how to Profit right now.
  • We'll use a framework called The Fix to identify your prospect's top 3 dangers and showing your existing clients that they still need you.
  • Next we'll pivot your messaging so thatInstead of being ignored or irrelevant, your marketing will be a lifeline for your prospects to hang onto, and you'll be able to generate leads and appointments every day.
  • ​Then, we'll work on your offers, and pimp them for todays market. Chances are, you've been selling the yacht, when people just want a lifeboat. We'll build out your lifeboat offer, and so you can start selling confidently again.
  • ​One of the big mistakes coaches make is doing the right strategy at the wrong stage of their business. We ran and recorded 3 Belt Breakouts, so you'll know exactly what to do if you're doing $0-30k a month, $40-60k a month, or $70k plus.
  • ​You'll hear from Todd Herman, the performance coach. He's a member too, and he ran a session on how to lead yourself through these uncertain times — as well as how to position yourself right now against Maslow's Hierarchy so you're offering what people want.
  • ​Then we have 4 time sensitive sessions for you:

    How to run a virtual sales event, with Vanessa Horn (She's our sales boss, and been selling $15-20k programs with virtual events for years)
    How to lead your clients, your prospects and your industry, with Clint Salter (Clint is doing an incredible job leading dance studios through this crazy time)
    How to Protect your clients and your cashflow with Mike Agugliaro (who runs $20M a year CEO Warrior)
    How to deliver a virtual event (tech, cameras, lighting, microphones etc)
  • Finally we'll create a 6 week Pivot Plan for you and your business, so you can lead your market, help more people, and make more money in the next 30/60/90 days.

90 Day Guarantee

If you don’t love it; or it doesn’t work for you, just let me know at the end of 90 days and I’ll give you all your money back AND throw in $10 for a plate of tacos on me to say thanks for giving it a go. 

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