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Live One-Day Training for Experienced* Coaches And Consultants Only

The Million Dollar Coach Intensive With Taki Moore

Where a “Million Dollars” is a promise, not a marketing gimmick

Get more clients. Earn more money. Enjoy more freedom.

*You must be earning – or on track to earn – at least $100,000 in your coaching or consulting business this year in order to attend. For more details, keep reading.

Dear Coach or Consultant,

Here’s a very real problem: too many coaches and consultants hit an income ceiling, often around the low six-figure mark, and they never make the kind of money or the kind of impact they want.

Perhaps this is true for you, too?

You’re not happy with your income and you’re only partly happy with your results.

So you do what all coaches do: you get coaching and you try to improve.

You work on your mindset.

You hustle harder and work longer hours. You raise your prices and start selling yourself as a “premium service provider”.

But nothing changes.

Nothing changes because it’s not your mindset that needs fixing,

it’s your BUSINESS MODEL that needs to change.


The model that you bought into when you started your coaching or consulting business is unscalable. You’ve hit a point where the only way to earn more is to charge more … and that diminishes the size of your market and – while it’s great to charge high fees – you reach capacity pretty quickly and you get stuck.

Today, you’re working on manual prospecting to get a few leads, you try to convert them using strategy sessions or free consultations, and no matter how high your rates, you end up working a time-for-money trade off that leaves you busy and exhausted.

That doesn’t happen in my world.

In my world – and for hundreds of my own clients – we do things differently. More money, more time off, and more satisfied clients.

How differently do things look in this world? Here are some real examples:

  • When Tristan Bond started to work with me, he was earning only $13,000 a month from his coaching business. Today, he’s earning in excess of $160,000 a month.
  • AJ Mihrzad was stuck at $20,000 a month when he joined my program, and now is bringing in over $140,000 a month.
  • Lars Hedenborg had similar figures: frustrated at $20,000 a month, but rapidly scaled up to $120,000 a month and beyond after he started working with me.
  • Then there’s Jason Everett, whose coaching business went from bringing in just about $20,000 a month to $73,000 a month. He’ll hit the million dollar a year mark very soon.

That’s just a few examples of many.

And you might be thinking “well, $20k a month sounds pretty sweet anyway … I don’t think I’m in that league yet …

And if that’s what you’re thinking, if that’s where your limits are, then this might not be for you.
Which is why we have strict entry conditions for the one-day Million Dollar Coach Intensive and for working with me and my team.

You need to be a working coach or consultant with a sustainable practice. You need to have a service you’re proud of, that delivers results to your clients that you can stand by, and you’ve got to have been doing it long enough for you know that the work you do is proven and effective.

$10k a month minimum revenue is a good benchmark for entry.

I can’t do this work with beginners.
If you’re a beginner or you’re struggling to make a couple of grand a month, this isn’t for you.

If you fall into that category, sign up for my newsletter, get all the free training I put out on a weekly basis and come back later when you’re ready.

BUT if you’re ready to scale to seven figures, keep reading, and book yourself a place today on the next Million Dollar Coach Intensive and get my proprietary methods to rapidly multiply your revenue and double or triple your time off.


I’m Taki Moore,

For the past decade I’ve been taking six-figure coaches and consultants to seven-figures through my BlackBelt training program.

I work with business coaches, consultants, executive coaches and other professionals who want a more sustainable, leveraged lifestyle and business through group programs and continuity income.

If you’ve been in the business education world for a little time, you’ll probably recognize the names of some of my clients: people like Rob Kosberg who founded Bestseller Publishing, Dana Malstaff from BossMom, Todd Herman, from the 90 Day Year, Matthew Kimberley (Professional Persuasion), Carrie Wilkerson from the Barefoot Executive, Mike Gionta of Recruiter U, Stewart Bell of Audere Coaching and Gail Doby of Design Success University.

When you come to the Million Dollar Coach Intensive you’ll learn, side-by-side with me in the trenches, EXACTLY how to create a coaching or consulting business that allows you to dramatically increase the income you earn, to cut your working hours in half (at least) to work WHEN and WHERE you want, and how to use tools and methodologies that get your clients truly remarkable results …

But perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to build a business that lets you live a life of massive personal freedom.

I’ve got six kids. And one grandkid. And a couple of my kids have got special needs and health challenges. In many ways, all of the odds have been stacked against me. Yet, using the techniques that I’m going to show you at the MDC Intensive, I spend most of the year on the road with my family. We like to think of ourselves as five star global nomads.

In the last year alone, we’ve been to London, Barcelona, Montreal, Marrakech, Boracay, Fiji, Sydney, New Zealand, Santa Monica, New York, and loads of other places. Some work, some play, some learning …

And while that kind of life might not be for you, that’s OK. You get to choose the kind of life you want, because you’ll have a ton of time to do it.

Like George Birnbach, another one of my clients who went from 13 hour days, six days a week, to one week on, one week off. He freed up TWENTY SIX weeks a year within the first month of working with me.

I wrote a book, also called Million Dollar Coach, that outlines the key strategies that all of my clients use to re-build their businesses.

And if you’re somebody who likes to read, then I recommend you grab a copy.

But if you want to drink straight from the fountain, and get a full, intensive immersion, then the Million Dollar Coach Intensive is what you need.

To give you a sample of how I teach, and to share more about the live event, watch the video below.

Watch Video

Have Extra Questions?

Here’s a list of answers…


Sneak Peak.

Here’s what happens when you come to the Intensive..

Double Your Income. Double Your Time Off.

Give me one day, and I’ll personally build you a coaching business that doubles your income, impact and independence.

You see, 3 times a year behind closed doors, an elite unit of coaches gather for a Blackbelt Intensive with me. We don’t just learn. We do. It’s not a seminar room. It’s a work room. For one intense day, I roll up my sleeves with my Blackbelt clients and we BUILD. We Build…

  • Marketing campaigns to grow their lists.
  • Sales webinars that convert prospects into clients.
  • Event-filling systems that sell-out seminars.
  • Automated marketing machines that work 24×7 on autopilot.
  • Leveraged coaching programs that get my Black belts out of time-for-money, and into freedom.

But these Blackbelt strategies and full day Intensive are only available to a carefully selected few… until now. I’m running a full day Million Dollar Coach Intensive, to show you exactly how to escape time-for-money, add $20-40k a month to your income, and join the top 5% of coaches.

Coaches – My clients – happily pay $6,000 for a full day training like this with me. But we’ve only just met, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me first time.

I figure if I give you a full day of my best strategies, there’s a good chance you’ll ask to work with me to grow your coaching business down the track. So your ticket to the Million Dollar Coach Intensive is only $497. Come. Learn. Implement.

If you love it, and want more, you’ll know where to come. If you just want to take my strategies and don’t want to go any further, that’s cool too. There’ll be no problems and no hard feelings.

And make sure you plan on lunch with your class mates where we’ll continue with deep discussions about your business and how you can do more.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up. Seats to this training are limited. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can’t.

Come Prepared.

You’ll get my 3-part Black Belt Essentials training before you come, so we can jump straight to the advanced content at the intensive.

We’ve already talked a bit about the event itself. But if you’re going to be in my room, there’s some prep work you need to do. I want you to come ready to rock.

… So when you register, I will give you a set of my Black Belt Essentials training.

You’ll get it as soon as you register, long before you come, so that you are ready for the advanced tactics we will cover at the Intensive.

  • You’ll grow your list, with the Black Belt listbuilding system.
  • You’ll get more done in half a day than most coaches do in a week, with the Black Belt productivity hacks.
  • And you’ll write lead generators and offers that get clients, with the Speed Writing System.

… I’ll also work with you to get clients fast during live, bi-weekly client-only training webinars and group coaching calls (I currently charge $1085/hour for 1:1 consulting, so this alone will more than pay for your Intensive training).

This way, when you get to the Intensive, we won’t need to cover beginner’s content. You’ll be ready to jump straight to the advanced systems you need – and we can take your coaching business to the next level quickly.

All killer. No filler.

Here’s what you’ll work on at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive.

Webinar Selling

You’ll learn how to design a webinar that rocks hard, and sells like crazy – converting 20-30% of your attendees into new clients in 70 minutes or less.

Rapid Transition Plan

You’ll discover how to quickly from 1:1 coaching into a more leveraged model, and how to avoid the transition mistakes that keep coaches stuck.

Marketing Automation

You’ll discover the automated marketing sequences that consistently bring in a flood of new leads, and convert them into high paying clients.

Talk of the town.

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Full day, Black Belt-style workshops near you

We run full day, Black Belt-style workshops in Sydney, California, London and more coming.