A high performance coaching group for growing your business faster with the help of Taki Moore and other high level boardroom members.

If you’re already a Million Dollar Coach, after we talk and we agree you’re potentially a good fit for this high-end group – then I will invite you to attend our boardroom session and meet the other top coaches.

Yes, I want to talk to Taki Moore about joining the Boardroom mastermind and learn more about becoming a member of the Blackbelt Community.

This is what will happen next:

  • Taki and I will mutually determine if this is right for me.
  • If I decide the Boardroom group is a good fit, Taki will invite me to the next meeting, 100% Risk FREE.
  • There are 3 meetings per location, March, July and November. Choose to participate in either or both Australia or Southern California, USA locations. Typically Boardroom members choose one location but you are welcome to participate in both.
  • I understand that while at Boardroom, I’ll be with superstar coaches who are totally focused on annihilating my biggest challenges.
  • I understand that while at Boardroom, I’ll be sitting in the same room with Taki Moore and fellow Boardroom members and ethically “steal” stuff that’s working for one member and “install” it into my business.
  • If after attending, we decide I am a good fit for Boardroom, Taki and I will discuss me becoming a priviledged member.
  • The Sole Purpose of this relationship is for me to make more money in my professional coaching business while delivering even greater value and having massive fun in the process.

Enter quick contact information below then go to the next page to share more details and take advantage of this RARE opportunity to work side by side with me and fellow Boardroom members on your business!