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My goal with the Million Dollar Coach Intensive (MDCI) is to SHOW YOU (side-by-side with me in the trenches) how to create a coaching business that allows you to dramatically increase the income you earn, to work when and how you want, that gets your clients incredible results…

… and that enables you to live a life of massive personal freedom.

The Million Dollar Coach Intensive was created after it became clear to me that…

  • Too many coaches hit an income ceiling, and never make the kind of money (or the kind of impact) that they are capable of. They get stuck at one of the 3 plateaus: Survival, Stability or even Success.
  • Most coaches blame themselves, and try to work on their MINDSET – But nothing changes because it’s not your mindset that’s the problem. It’s the MODEL that needs to change.
  • The model that you bought into when you started your coaching business is completely unscalable (Manual prospecting to get a few leads, followed by selling onsey-twosy to prospects and dealing with objections, excuses and stalls… and time-for-money coaching so there’s never any time for you).
  • For the last 4 years, I’ve been working with a select group of coaches, taking them from Stability to Success and Scale. I’m going to share the very best of what is working for them in the Million Dollar Coach Intensive.
  • I’m going to take a very new approach to teaching and learning and I think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises.

To give you a sample of how I teach, and to share more about the live event, watch this video, which is the 4th video in the Million Dollar Coach Video Series

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Sneak Peak.

Here’s what happens when you come to the Intensive..

Double Your Income. Double Your Time Off.

Give me 2 days, and I’ll personally build you a coaching business that doubles your income, impact and independence.

You see, 3 times a year behind closed doors, an elite unit of coaches gather for a Blackbelt Intensive with me. We don’t just learn. We do. It’s not a seminar room. It’s a work room. For 2-days, I roll up my sleeves with my Blackbelt clients and we BUILD. We Build…

  • Marketing campaigns to grow their lists.
  • Sales webinars that convert prospects into clients.
  • Event-filling systems that sell-out seminars.
  • Automated marketing machines that work 24×7 on autopilot.
  • Leveraged coaching programs that get my Black belts out of time-for-money, and into freedom.

But these Blackbelt strategies and 2-day Intensives are only available to a carefully selected few… until now. I’m running a 2-day Million Dollar Coach Intensive, to show you exactly how to escape time-for-money, add $20-40k a month to your income, and join the top 5% of coaches.

Coaches – My clients – happily pay $6,000 for a 2-day training like this with me. But we’ve only just met, and I want it to be easy for you to come and work with me first time.

I figure if I give you 2-days of my best strategies, there’s a good chance you’ll ask to work with me to grow your coaching business down the track. So your ticket to the Million Dollar Coach Intensive is only $197. Come. Learn. Implement.

If you love it, and want more, you’ll know where to come. If you just want to take my strategies and don’t want to go any further, that’s cool too. There’ll be no problems and no hard feelings.

All I ask is that if you Sign up: Show up. Seats to this training are limited. So if you take a seat, it means that someone else can’t.

Come Prepared.

You’ll get my 3-part Black Belt Essentials training before you come, so we can jump straight to the advanced content at the intensive.

We’ve already talked a bit about the event itself. But if you’re going to be in my room, there’s some prep work you need to do. I want you to come ready to rock.

… So when you register, I will give you a set of my Black Belt Essentials training.

You’ll get it as soon as you register, long before you come, so that you are ready for the advanced tactics we will cover at the Intensive.

  • You’ll grow your list, with the Black Belt listbuilding system.
  • You’ll get more done in half a day than most coaches do in a week, with the Black Belt productivity hacks.
  • And you’ll write lead generators and offers that get clients, with the Speed Writing System.

… I’ll also work with you to get clients fast during live, bi-weekly client-only training webinars and group coaching calls (I currently charge $1085/hour for 1:1 consulting, so this alone will more than pay for your Intensive training).

This way, when you get to the Intensive, we won’t need to cover beginner’s content. You’ll be ready to jump straight to the advanced systems you need – and we can take your coaching business to the next level quickly.

All killer. No filler.

Here are the 9 projects we’ll work on at the Million Dollar Coach Intensive.

Online Lead Machine

We’ll use advanced online marketing tactics to generate 24×7.

Your Signature System

We’ll turn your experience into IP, then package it into lucrative products and programs to replace your 1:1 income.

The Launch Model

You’ll discover the 4-Step sequence used by Black Belts to launch new programs, and fill them in under a week.

Sold Out Seminars

You’ll know how to create a webinar or seminar topic so hot it sells itself, and the event marketing system that fills it fast.

Rapid Transition Plan

You’ll discover how to quickly from 1:1 coaching into a more leveraged model, and how to avoid the transition mistakes that keep coaches stuck.

Authority Marketing

You’ll use the Authority Marketing System to quickly become the undisputed leader in your field, and create the online platform that makes you the obvious choice for your market.

Webinar Selling

You’ll learn how to design a webinar that rocks hard, and sells like crazy – converting 20-30% of your attendees into new clients in 70 minutes or less.

Your Virtual team

You’ll know exactly where to find a support team of qualified virtual assistants to take care of the grunt work, so you can focus on your passion and profit.

Marketing Automation

You’ll discover the automated marketing sequences that consistently bring in a flood of new leads, and convert them into high paying clients.

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Two-day, Black Belt-style workshop in Australia, UK and USA.


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